Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Gang Stalking: Effective Local Grassroots Activism" (Article)

From Now Public.com article by Peacefrog...August 4, 2011

   "Last night, Thom Hartmann did a segment on his syndicated [radio] show on the issue of the grassroots political power of the Precinct Committee Officers ("PCO")....  The Tea Party is pushing it's Concord Project to install local precinct committee officers (called Precinct Captains in some jurisdictions) in cities and small towns around the country.
   These positions are generally elected positions that require as few as 10 or 20 votes to win.  A "PCO" heads the local political machinery that turns out the vote, and, collectively, has the power to elect local and federal officials.
   Ultimately, these groups choose who makes it to the primary, and if enough people with an agenda get involved, they can weigh in decisively to choose candidates up to the Presidential Party Nominee.
   Therefore, these people can wield much power in shaping ultimate policies up to the federal level.  I think this is a great idea for political activism for gang stalking activists to bring awareness and closure to this toxic social movement.
   Hartman broke down the formula as: [follows]
Step 1) Precinct Committee Chairman
Step 2) Organize Groups
Step 3) Media Coverage

   Since gang stalking is destroying people across the country from small towns to large cities, and, since many positions can be obtained by just a few dozen votes, this is a golden activism opportunity.
   The rules seem somewhat loose. For example, a registered independent could choose to run for either the local Democratic or Republican Chair".