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How To Fight Back Against Gang Stalkers: .Part 3..The Importance of Multiple Eyewitnesses

The Importance Of Multiple Eyewitnesses

In the two previous posts on "How To Fight Back Against Gang Stalkers", we covered the importance of gathering evidence

Equally important is having someone you trust who can corroborate your claims about being a victim of organized stalking.

A close friend, family member or neighbor who knows you well and who doesn't think you're "crazy" for thinking that a group of total strangers is stalking & harassing you is very important.

Gathering evidence, such as video evidence, (even if it's from a cell phone), is very important; but equally important is having someone who has actually "witnessed" these evil bastards stalking & harassing you.

Going to the police alone, even if you have video & other types of evidence, is not nearly as good as going to the police with at least one other person who can back up your claims.

The low-life scumbags who stalk & harass you want you to be "isolated".

They WANT you to appear to be "crazy" or "paranoid"..and, most importantly, alone, when & if you decide to go to the police.
Going to the police alone will only make it easier for the police to dismiss you as a "nut case" for even thinking that a group of strangers is stalking & harassing you.

Going to the police with another person who has actually "witnessed" the stalking & harassment makes it much more likely that they will take you seriously.

Going to the police alone will probably not do any good.

Going to the police with at least one other person (eyewitness) will increase your chances of being taken seriously.

It's harder to dismiss two people as being "crazy" for even thinking that you are, indeed, a victim of organized stalking, when that 2nd person can validate your claims.

Having two other "eyewitnesses" is even better.

Going into a police station with two other people who can back up your claims that you are being gang stalked is much more likely to result in the police taking your claims seriously.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How To Fight Back Against Gang Stalkers - Part Two - "Get Their License Numbers"

(Continuing from Part One)


Just as gang stalkers don't like you taking their photos or videotaping them, they also don't like it when you get their license plate numbers.

It's very easy to do; but you must be careful.

You don't just walk up to them sitting in their cars & start writing down their license plate numbers.

In fact, you NEVER want to openly confront them in any way at all.

Remember, these are oftentimes VERY dangerous people, who can do great physical harm to you if you confront them.

So, for example, if you are leaving a supermarket after shopping and as you go to your car you notice someone sitting inside a vehicle which is backed into a parking spot directly in front or behind your car, and their headlights are on....chances are this is, indeed, a gang stalker.
(Gang stalkers often like to "back into" parking spaces, so they can watch you and/or your parked car better)

One huge difference between a "one-om-one" stalker and a gang stalker is that a one-on-one stalker does NOT want his or her "victim" to see him or her.....This "single stalker" will park far away from where the stalking victim has parked their car, so as not to be seen by the victim.
This is called "covert surveillance."
Gang stalkers, on the other hand, DO want you to see them...because it increases the "terror" that they want you to feel.
The goal of a gang stalker isn't just to "stalk" you. it's to "terrorize" you..
This type of stalking was used  by the FBI as a COINTELPRO stalking method; and it's now being used by the "new" COINTELPRO to stalk & harass "targeted individuals" (TIs)
This type of stalking is called "OVERT" surveillance...They WANT you to see them.

So, going back to the example from the previous paragraph, you come out of the supermarket and head for your car, but you see someone sitting inside their car, which is often "backed" into a parking spot, directly behind your car, (or very close by) and their headlights are on....this means that there is a very good chance that this is a gang stalker who is openly "stalking" you.

Now, as I said before, you do NOT ever want to directly confront your stalkers; so, what you can do is this....Instead of pushing your shopping cart directly to your car, just casually push it around behind their car & just "glance" at their license plate number as you go by, memorize it, and then go to your car & unload your groceries, all the while repeating the license plate number in your head.
Then, when you are in your car, you can take out a pen & paper and write the license plate number down.
If you see someone sitting inside their car with the headlights on before you go into the supermarket, you can do the same thing; i.e., casually push your shopping cart (if you have one) around behind where the gang stalker is parked, glance casually at the license plate number, memorize it, and, after you go into the store, write it down.
Always have a pen & paper (or notebook) on you, so you can write license plate numbers down.


When you get home, write the license plate numbers down, as well as a description of the car, and, using some kind of "filing system" copy the license plate numbers down in a "gang stalker victim's journal" of some kind.
Also, buy packs of 3 X 5 cards, and find some kind of box that you can use to keep the 3 X 5 cards in, and file them in either numerical or alphabetical order.
For example, if the license plate number is "ABC123" you file it under "A"
If the license plate number starts with a number, like "1ABC123", you file it under "1:"

That way, when you file these license plate numbers, you can easily check to see if the license plate number matches a license plate number that you wrote down preciously.

License plate numbers are EVIDENCE.


Keeping a log of all license plate numbers of suspiciously parked cars with people inside, and the headlights on, is easy to do...and it's also something they don't like, so that makes it even better.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

How To Fight Back Against Gang Stalkers -- Part One


The most important thing any victim of organized stalking, (aka gang stalking), can do is to gather evidence against their stalkers.

Earlier posts on this website stress the importance of gathering evidence.

If you are a victim of this type of stalking; and you wish to get help from your local police, you will need EVIDENCE to back up your claims, or else the police will not take you seriously.

A "one-on-one" stalking victim merely needs to go to the police and tell them that they think someone is stalking them, and the police will usually help them.

A "single-stalker" victim is much more believable to the police than someone who claims that a "group of people" are stalking them, especially "a group of strangers".

A single-stalker victim often knows the person who is stalking ex-boyfriend, and ex-husband, a former co-worker etc.

A single-stalker victim can often get a Restraining Order issued by a judge that prohibits the ex-boyfriend, or ex-husband from coming within 1,000 or 2,000 feet of them.
If the "ex" does come within the designated area, he or she can be arrested for violating a court order.

However, when multiple stalkers are involved, especially if they're all total strangers to the victim,
a Restraining Order is not something a judge could or would be able to issue, since the stalkers names are unknown.

In order to get a Restraining Order, one needs a "name" to put on such a court order.

So, for those of us who have multiple stalkers, Restraining Orders are not an option.

If you have multiple stalkers, you will need to show the police some "proof" that you are, indeed, being stalked by a group of strangers.

Previous posts on this website go into detail about how one goes about getting such "proof" and what types of "proof" are best; including video footage of the stalkers while they are "in the act" of actually stalking you.

The best type of video evidence is video taken from security cameras mounted on one's home, whether it be from the front or back or side of the home.

This type of evidence  is "real" evidence, not just "your word against theirs."

Most of us can't afford to have video surveillance cameras mounted on our homes; but there are other ways to "prove" to the police that we are, indeed, being stalked and harassed by groups of strangers.

"Cam-corders" are the next best thing to having video surveillance cameras mounted on your home....They can cost as little as $250, and they can be used to "document" the fact that you are, indeed, being stalked and/or harassed by a group of total strangers.

The cheapest way to "document" the fact that you are being stalked by multiple stalkers is by using your cell phone to take photos or video of your stalkers, WHILE THEY ARE STALKING YOU.

Also, using cam-corders or  cell phonse to take photos of your stalkers is something that THEY DON'T LIKE.

THEY want to take cell phone photos & video of YOU, because that's how they prove to their superiors that they are actually stalking & harassing you, so that they will get paid.
To prove to their superiors that they are, indeed, stalking you, or driving up and down your street to harass you or honking their horns at you, or whatever else they are told to do to you, they must show "proof" , such as video taken of your house using their cell phones as they drive up and down your block, or they won't get paid.....It's as simple as that.
They can't just "tell" their superiors "Well, I just drove by her house five times"..because that's not "proof" that they actually DID drive up and down the street five times.

But, "what's good for the goose is also good for the gander."

That's why videotaping your stalkers is essential if you want to be able to convince the police that you are actually being stalked & harassed by a group of strangers, and that you're not just being "paranoid."

So, whether you have surveillance cameras mounted on your home, or are using your cam-corder,  or you are using your cell phone....the important thing is  to get video footage showing.the stalking & harassment, while it is taking place.

Remember, these criminals are very crafty, and getting actual "proof" that can be used against them will not be easy.

More to come on the subject of 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What is America's Most Ignored Crime?


The most ignored crime in America today is Organized Stalking, aka "Gang" Stalking.

The police ignore it, and don't even consider it to be a "real crime."

The American mainstream media ignores it, and refuses to ever cover this type of stalking, although "one-on-one" stalking cases are reported and covered as "news."

With very few exceptions, federal, state and local politicians also ignore it, and usually don't even answer letters, phone calls or e-mails from their constituents; or they send back "form letters' "thanking the sender for contacting them."

Family and friends of victims of organized stalking usually ignore it as well, often using it as an excuse for advising the family member or friend to "seek psychiatric help."

Well, the facts are clear.

Organized Stalking, Gang Stalking, Multi-Stalking, or whatever one wishes to call it is a very real crime with hundreds of thousands of very real victims.

In 2009, the United States Department of Justice published a Special Report titled:
"Stalking Victimization in the United States" (Pub # NCJ 224527)

More than  3, 400,000 people reported being stalked during the 12-month study period of this stalking survey.

The number of stalking victims who reported a single stalker during the 12-month study period was 2,111,220 or 62 percent
The number of stalking victims who reported 2 stalkers during the 12-month study period was 
619,300 or 18 percent.
The number of stalking victims who reported between 3 and 10 stalkers during the 12-month study period was just over 400,000 or 11.5 percent.
The number of stalking victims who reported between 11 and 50 stalkers during the 12-month survey period was over 45,000 or 1.4 percent.
The number of stalking victims who didn't know how many stalkers they had was in excess of
220,000, or 6.5 percent.

Even if one were to assume that occasionally a single stalker might ask a friend  to "help  with the stalking," that still leaves more than 665,000 stalking victims who reported having between 3 and 50 stalkers or who didn't know how many stalkers they had.

This 665,000 figure is very important,

WHY is this 665,000 figure so important?

Looking at these DOJ numbers, a reasonable person might assume that at least "some" of those stalking victims who reported between 3 and 50 stalkers during the 12-month study period might not have actually been stalking victims at all; but who merely were being "paranoid" in thinking that "people were following them wherever they went."

For the sake of argument, let's assume that 10 percent of the 665,000 stalking victims who either reported between 3 and 50 stalkers, or who "didn't know how many stalkers they had" WERE truly "paranoid" or "crazy".
That still leaves well over half a million stalking victims reporting between 3 and 50 stalkers or not knowing how many stalkers they had during the 12-month study period.

FOIA documents obtained after the 2009 stalking survey was published show that the United States Justice Department:
"misled the American public by omitting material facts about gang stalking, Furthermore, there were several survey methodology errors that grossly underestimated the extent of the problem."
(FOIA Request # 10-00169)

Why would DOJ "omit material facts about gang stalking" and "grossly underestimate the extent of the problem"?

Perhaps the answer is that the United States Department of Justice doesn't want the American public to know that "gang stalking is real" and that the number of gang stalking victims is actually in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps as high as 500,000 or more.

WHY wouldn't DOJ want the American public to know "the truth" about this type of stalking?

Are they "covering up" important facts about this type of stalking?

Could it be that organized stalking is a top-secret COINTELPRO-type of program that is being run by the Justice Department, and the FBI, and other intelligence agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Security Agency (NSA)?

As reported on this website last year (June 2, 2015)
"Scores of low-flying planes circling over American cities are part of a civilian air force operated by the FBI and obscured behind fictitious companies, the AP has learned."

Also from last year 
"FBI Confirms Wide Scale Use Of Surveillance Flights Over U.S. Cities"

From June 5, 2015
"What An NYPD Spy Copter reveals About The FBI Spy Planes"

From June 12, 2015:
"FBI Admits It Use Fake Companies To Fly Surveillance Over US Cities"

From April of this year comes this article from "BuzzFeed"
"America Is being Watched from Above: Government Surveillance Planes Routinely Circle Over Most major US Cities"

On April 10, 2016, I posted the following on this website:
"FBI Surveillance Planes, or FBI Torture Planes?"

As someone who has been investigating "America's Most Ignored Crime" for the past 7 years, it is my contention that many of these "mysterious spycraft over US cities" are actually doing something other than merely "spying" on Americans.

When an FBI aircraft slowly flies in a counter-clockwise circle over a neighborhood or a particular house during the day or at night, it "could" be doing "surveillance."

But when one of these "mysterious aircraft" registered to "dummy companies" flies very low over someone's home at 6's quite likely NOT doing "surveillance"..but something much more's doing "psychological torture"
The purpose of such very early morning low altitude flights over a particular house is not to "spy" on the house; but to "wake up" whomever is in the house.
"Sleep deprivation" is a form of "torture"
Flying low over a "target's home at 6 AM is "punishment" not "surveillance."

Why did the U.S. Department of Justice "mislead the American public about the extent of gang stalking" in the 2009 Stalking Survey?

Perhaps the Justice Department, as well as the FBI, DHS, NSA and other intelligence agencies, are themselves INVOLVED in this type of stalking.

That would explain why the Justice Department has never prosecuted a multi-stalker case.

That would explain why letters, phone calls and e-mails to the FBI from victims of this type of stalking usually go unanswered.

That would explain why the DOJ-funded "Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) offers all kinds of assistance for stalking victims who report a single stalker, while those stalking victims who report multiple stalkers are told:  "OVC does not provide any direct assistance to victims of multi-stalker incidents."

What can we as victims of this type of stalking do about this?

The answer...plenty!

1st) Gather evidence
Take photos of your stalkers, use your cell phone, use video cameras, use surveillance cameras if you can afford them.
Get license plate numbers of those who are following and/or harassing you.
Get friends or family to witness for themselves what is being done to you.
Multiple eyewitnesses are much better than "your word against their's"
The more evidence you have, the better, especially if you decide to go to the police and ask them for help

2nd) Write letters, send e-mails, make phone calls to EVERYONE..
-- Your local elected  representatives
-- Your state elected representatives
-- Your Congressperson and your two U.S.Senators
-- Your local newspaper
-- Your local radio and TV stations
-- National newspapers, magazines, major TV networks, NPR etc.
-- Organizations that might be able to help such as the ACLU 

3rd) Contact the following, asking for help (be polite and keep it brief)
-- The United States Department of Justice
    Write DOJ at:
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

    Telephone DOJ 
    Comment line: 202-353-1555
    DOJ Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000

    Send an e-mail to Attorney General Loretta Lynch at:

   Contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington D.C.
   By telephone 202-324-3000
   By letter:
   FBI Headquarters
   935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
   Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

  Contact the FBI Field Office nearest you
   (Or look in your White Pages under "U.S. Government")

-- The White House
    Comment Line 202-456-1111
    Switchboard  202-456-1414

    Send an e-mail to President Obama

What is America's Most Ignored Crime?

Organized Stalking!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

FBI Surveillance Planes, or FBI Torture Planes?

Last year, some very disturbing articles appeared regarding mysterious low-flying aircraft over U.S. cities.

The following articles were re-posted here on this website.

(From June 2, 2015)
"Scores of low-flying planes circling over American cities are part of a civilian airforce operated by the FBI and obscured behind fictitious companies, the Associated Press has learned."
(Google: "FBI Behind Mysterious Aircraft Over US Cities")

(Google title)

(From June 5, 2015)

(From June 12, 2015)
From Fortress America

Now, in April, 2016, another disturbing article has appeared.
From BuzzFeed comes this article:
"Each weekday, dozens of U.S. Government aircraft take to the skies and slowly circle over American cities.
Piloted by agents of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the planes are fitted with high-resolution video cameras, often working with "augmented reality" software that can superimpose onto the video images everything from street and business names to the owners of individual homes.
At least a few planes carried devices that can track the cell phones of people below.
Most of the aircraft are small, flying a mile or so above ground, and many use exhaust mufflers to mute their engines - making them hard to detect by the people they're spying on."

But are the investigative journalists who have reported on these "secretive spy aircraft" missing an important point?

They are assuming that the only purpose of these "mysterious aircraft" owned  by fictitious companies is to "spy" on Americans, which is bad enough.
But what if at least some of these aircraft are doing more than just surveillance?

From the article cited above by "Fortress America":
"The planes' surveillance equipment is generally used without a judge's approval, and the FBI said the flights are used for specific, ongoing investigations.
The FBI said it uses front companies to protect the safety of the pilots and aircraft.
It also shields the identity of the aircraft so that suspects on the ground don't know they're being watched by the FBI.
In a recent 30-day period, the agency flew above more than 30 cities in 11 states, an AP review found.
Details confirmed by the FBI track closely with published reports since at least 2003 that a government surveillance program might be behind suspicious-looking planes slowly circling neighborhoods."

What if these "surveillance planes" are actually flying over the homes of whistle-blowers, anti-war activists, and other targeted individuals not to "spy" on them, but to "punish" them?

What if these "surveillance planes" are actually  "torture" planes?

"Since counterintelligence stalking goes far beyond surveillance -- into the realm of psychological terrorism, it is essentially a form of extra judicial punishment.
As such, the harassment is illegal -- even when done by the government.
It clearly violates, for example, the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unwarranted searches, and the Sixth Amendment -- which guarantees the right to a [speedy] trial.
Such operations also violate similar fundamental rights defined by state constitutions.
Stalking is also specifically prohibited by the criminal codes of every state in America.'

My contention is that at least "some" of these low-flying spy planes are, indeed, "psy-ops torture planes',
operating as part of a vast organized stalking & terror campaign, run by certain high-ranking intelligence agency officials with the objective of punishing targeted individuals to make them feel real "terror".

After all, isn't "terror" the real objective of so-called "gang stalkers"?

COINTELPRO's aim wasn't to merely "watch" certain targeted individuals.
COINT4ELPRO's aim was much more sinister than that.
COINTELPRO's aim was to systematically "torture" the people they were targeting, using proven psychological torture techniques such as sleep deprivation, isolation from friends & family, slander campaigns, noise campaigns, annoyance calls, break-ins, vandalism, and other psychological torture techniques.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that the "powers that be" in the intelligence community who run the many organized stalking "cells" all across America are using aircraft as part of the TI's "punishment."

I know for a fact that these secretive "stalkers in the sky" do often "torture" targeted individuals.
"Mysterious" low-flying aircraft that circle a TI's home at 6AM aren't doing "surveillance, they're doing torture, pure and simple.
Sleep deprivation is torture!

I hope the investigative journalists who are covering the story of secret, low-flying  U.S. Govt. aircraft, (which are owned by "dummy companies") will begin to ask themselves if the ultimate goal of these sinister, illegal, "surveillance" planes isn't much more than just surveillance.

I hope the investigative journalists at BuzzFeed, AP, Wired Magazine, ABC News, Huffington Post and other news organizations covering this story will at least look into the possibility that these secretive, low-flying aircraft are actually engaging in extra-judicial punishment, not just surveillance.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gang Stalking Is Real

January 26, 2016


In 2009, the United States Department of Justice published a Special Report titled
"Stalking Victimization in the United States" (NCJ 224527)

The total number stalking victims who participated in this DOJ survey was 3,424,110.
61.7 percent, or 2,111,220  of respondents reported only one stalker.
18.1 percent, or 619,300 of respondents reported two stalkers.
6.2 percent, or 213,770 of respondents reported three stalkers.
2.9 percent, or 98,290 of respondents reported four stalkers
1.7 percent, or 59,370 of respondents reported five stalkers
6.5 percent, or 221,330 of respondents didn't know how many stalkers they had
0.7 percent, or 25,470 were reported by DOJ as "missing"

DOJ Freedom Of Information Act documents show that the U.S. Justice Department
"misled the American public by omitting material facts about gang stalking."(In the 2009 Stalking Survey)
"Furthermore, there were several survey methodology errors that grossly underestimated the extent of the problem."
FOIA Request # 10-00169 by attorney Keith Labella
(Google: "Gang Stalking; New DOJ FOIA Documents Prove DOJ Knows The Truth")

The importance Mr. Labella's FOIA results is that he received enough detail to show beyond all doubt that contrary to denials by officials, stalking by organized groups shows substantially in official statistics.
Of the 446,790 episodes of stalking committed by three or more persons, 4 in 10 were committed by the offenders working together
"The study shows that at least 185,050 group stalking victims exist in the U.S."
When viewing the table on page 4 of the documents Mr. Labella received from DOJ regarding his FOIA
Request, note carefully that even at group stalking levels of 20, 30 or 50 stalkers cooperating, there are still thousands of reports.
(For example, from the 2009  DOJ Stalking Survey, the number of survey respondents reporting 12 stalkers was 20, 790).

(Source: Keith Labella)
"On or about October 29, 2008, I called the national Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) telephone
help-line and spoke to a victim advocate employee.
I asked her if she was aware of gang stalking and if she offered any help.
During that conversation she told me she was aware of gang stalking, but that it was not a crime that NCVC  provided any referral or help for.
She also acknowledged that a large number of calls were regularly coming through the hot-line regarding gang stalking from all around the United States.
Upon being asked to estimate the number of gang stalking calls she received, she said 10 percent of the average call volume during her shift.
She also admitted that NCVC kept "tallies" on the different types of complaints it received over the hot-line from victims.
Shortly thereafter I called back and spoke with another hot-line advocate and she also estimated that 10 percent of the calls she received were gang stalking complaints.
She admitted that this meant thousands of calls per month
(Google: "Who's Getting Thousands Of Gang Stalking Reports A Month")

About 3 years ago, I myself contacted the Justice Department-funded Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) via e-mail and asked if  they offered any assistance to stalking victims with "multiple stalkers."
I received an e-mail reply stating that "OVC does not provide any direct assistance to victims of multi-stalker incidents."

"No direct assistance to victims of multi-stalker incidents."

WHY doesn't the taxpayer-funded Office for Victims of Crime "provide any direct assistance to victims of multi-stalker incidents?"

"Single stalker" victims get assistance from OVC; but "multi-stalker" victims get no assistance whatsoever.

Not only is "gang stalking" real; it is also deliberately NOT being addressed by the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) or the taxpayer-funded Office for Victims of Crime (OVC)

Gang stalking is the most ignored crime in America!

Anyone who has gone down to their local police station asking for help because they are being stalked and harassed by an organized group of total strangers is dismissed as being "crazy."

Gang stalking victims who make phone calls or send letters or e-mails to local, state or national political leaders are either totally ignored or else they get back "form letters' thanking them for their question; or they are told to "report the incident to their local police."

If you are a victim of this type of stalking, here is what I suggest you do.

1) Notify your local police, in person.
First, using your computer (or a library computer) prepare a "statement" to give to the police (make a copy for yourself)..In the statement, in as few words as possible, coherently describe what your stalkers have done to you..Include any names or addresses or license plate numbers you may have that help identify those criminals who are stalking and/or harassing you.
If you can, bring along with you anybody who can verify your claims, like a friend or family member who actually witnessed the acts committed by the stalkers, because multiple eyewitnesses are much better than just "your word against theirs."
Don't include any phrases like "I am being stalked by a group of strangers" or "I am being gang stalked"..because, if you do, the police will probably not take your statement seriously.
Bring along with you any evidence you have collected, such as cell phone photos or videos, or any other tangible evidence.
The more evidence you have to show to the police, the better are your chances of getting the police to take you seriously.
Make your statement plain & simple, using proper English and make sure all words are spelled correctly.
Even if the police don't believe you, and think you're crazy to even think that a group of total strangers would be stalking & harassing you, politely ask them to at least take your written statement and keep it in their files.
Being very polite and respectful when talking to the police is very important!
While they may not believe you, they at least will know that you are a credible person, especially if you have gathered evidence to prove that you are, indeed, being stalked & harassed.

2) If you get no help at all from your local police, or if they dismiss you as "crazy", contact the nearest FBI office and tell them that you are a stalking victim with multiple stalkers, and ask them if you can send them a copy of the statement you gave to the police.
Again, it's very important that you be patient and polite when talking to any type of law enforcement official.
(You can find the number for the FBI field office nearest you in the White Pages of your telephone book)

3) Contact the National Center for Victims of Crime "Victim Connect" and ask them for help.
Telephone: 855-4-VICTIM or e-mail them at
Ask them if you can send them a copy of the statement you gave to the police.

4) Contact the Office for Victims of Crime at
Ask them if you can send them a copy of the police statement.

5) Call your local representatives and ask them for help.
(Local representatives include city council members, your county Board of Supervisors member,  or the office of the Mayor of your city.
Ask him or her if you could send them a copy of the statement you gave to the police.

6) Call, write or e-mail your state representatives,
Their telephone numbers and addresses are located in the White Pages of your telephone book under "Government"
If you choose to write them, include a copy of the statement you gave to the police.

7) Call, write or e-mail your Congressperson,
 his or her local office address and phone number can be found in your telephone White Pages under
Again, if writing to them, include a copy of the statement you gave to the police.
(To contact him or her by e-mail, do a web search and find their website, then just click on "contact" or

8) Call, write or e-mail your two U.S. Senators, their local office address and telephone numbers are also located in the White pages under "Government"
Again, include a copy of the statement you gave to the police.
To contact them by phone or letter, check the "Government" section of your telephone White Pages.
(To send an e-mail, Google them by name and go to their websites & click on "contact" or "e-mail")

9) Contact your local newspapers, either by writing a "Letter To the Editor" or phoning them, (ask for the "News Department") or sending them an e-mail.

This is very important!
-- Ask your friends or relatives to help you by being eyewitnesses to the stalking and/or harassment.
"Multiple eyewitnesses" is much better than "your word against theirs"
-- Use your cell phone to take pictures of your stalkers WHILE THEY ARE STALKING YOU
This will be helpful to show to the prove that you are, indeed, being stalked.
Cam-Corders are also a good way to "prove" that you are being stalked, especially if you've been able to videotape your stalkers actually watching your house, or sitting in cars near your house etc
-- If you can afford it, have surveillance cameras installed on the front of your home, as well as the side and rear.
-- Get a home security system ....This will discourage your stalkers from entering your home while you are out, and it will help protect you when you're home as well.
--If you are getting annoyance calls, write down the numbers...if you get calls that do not show on your caller ID, don't answer them....If it is a legitimate phone call, it will show on your "caller ID"
(If you have a land line with "Caller ID", keep records of all annoyance calls on the unit itself.
Annoyance calls on your land line are illegal, so if you are getting such calls, contact your telephone company and report this to them.
-- Write down license plate numbers of suspicious vehicles parked near your home, especially if someone is sitting in the vehicle; but be careful, and NEVER "ever confront: anyone, even if you're sure that they are following you or are harassing you.
NEVER try to follow a suspicious vehicle or person; they will call the police on YOU.
-- When walking, be aware of your surroundings, and, if someone is following you, cal the police on your cell phone or ask for help.
Remember, the more evidence you collect on these criminals the better.
If you go to the police with real evidence, they will be more likely to take you seriously.

I strongly suggest that all victims of organized stalkers (gang stalkers) learn how to defend themselves.
This applies to both men and women.
Choose a martial art and take lessons.
It doesn't matter which martial art you choose.
Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Judo, and Aikido are all fine.
Learning how to defend yourself will give you a confidence that will be reflected in your day to day activities.
Some martial arts teachers charge more for lessons than others.
Shop around...Use the phone book under the listing "Martial Arts" or "Self Defense"
My experience in martial arts has included Shaolin Kung Fu and Aikido.
Aikido is usually very affordable, and you can usually take Aikido lessons for a set amount per month which will enable you to visit the Aikido dojo as many times per month as you want to (on days the dojo is open)
Another advantage in taking Aikido is that you will also be taught how to meditate, because meditation is part of the teaching.

Learning how to meditate is very important for victims of gang stalking.
The criminals who engage in gang stalking want you to be in constant fear.
They want you to feel anxious, helpless and depressed, because these & other negative emotions will negatively affect your health.
The goal of gang stalkers is to constantly harass, stalk and even torture their victims using proven "psychological operations" (Psy Ops) and other subtle "torture" techniques including sleep deprivation.
Learning how to meditate will enable you to better withstand the daily "attacks" that your stalkers inflict on you.
If you are in a state of constant anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and/or other negative states of mind, they will take advantage of this, and will do all they can to increase the negative aspects of your life.
Daily meditation will not only calm you down and decrease anxiety, it will enable you to live a better life.

Also important is daily exercise.
It doesn't matter what type of exercise...daily walks, runs, playing with your kids, playing tennis, swimming, badminton, softball etc. all can be very helpful in maintaining good health, and exercise also can help with depression,,,...It's hard to feel depressed while you are running or swimming or doing some other physical exercise.
Even long walks are good for depression, and if the stalkers follow you, take photos of them with your cell phone.

Don't just sit around the house feeling sorry for yourself.....get outside and try to have fun.
Having fun is vital for survival as a gang stalking victim, and you should try to do things that make you happy every single day, whether it be exercise, taking PE classes at your local Junior College, learning crafts like photography or candlemaking or whatever... going to lectures, visiting friends, playing with your dog.....anything, as long as it makes you feel good when you do it.....Gardening can be very enjoyable.

Don't let the gang stalkers get you down!
Do whatever you need to do to put some enjoyment in your life...every day.
If you are seriously depressed, go see a professional.
Depression can be cured.
Whether it be by medications proscribed by a doctor, or one-on-one therapy sessions, or "group therapy" sessions, do whatever you need to do to deal with the depression; and don't "self-medicate".
Drinking alcohol will not help your depression.
Doing illegal drugs will not help your depression.
Sitting around your home all day feeling sorry for yourself will not help your depression.'
Don't be afraid to ask for help.
Ask your family for help.
Ask your friends for help.
Ask your doctor for help.
Don't feel "ashamed" to ask for help.
There is nothing wrong with getting professional help in dealing with depression,
You don't need powerful "anti-depression" drugs like Zoloft or Prozac.
Ask your doctor if he or she thinks that a mild sedative might help.
Also, there are medications for depression that don't have the negative side-effects of the SSRI-type anti-depression drugs like Prozac....
.One medication that helps with depression, but doesn't have the side effects other anti-depression medications have is "Elavil" (Amitriptyline)..Ask your doctor about it.

Using your computer, make a copy of "The Desiderata" and put it up on your wall.
Whenever you feel "down" "Desiderata"

(From The Desiderata)
"You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars;
You have a right to be here
And whether or not it is clear to you
No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should
Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be
And whatever your labors and aspirations,  in the noisy confusion of life
Keep peace in your soul
With all it's sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world
Be cheerful....Strive to be happy."

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why The New Boss Is Just Like The Old Boss -- Part Four

By Jeff Schechtman
November 13, 2015

(Continued From Part Three of Jeff Schechtman's Interview with Professor Michael Glennon)

"Not to make this political but in a general sense as you look at this, are we better off as a nation electing presidents who understand this double government, who understand the system and who are walking into something that they know, as opposed to those who are more naive about it?"

"I'm not sure it makes much difference, and the reason is -- and I hate to sound so pessimistic -- that I don't know that there is a whole lot that any president can do about it.
I'm not sure that for national security double government purposes it makes a whole lot of difference whether the next president is Hillary Clinton or name the Republican.
Yes, at the margins, the choices will be different, but the momentum that is created by this structure is so great that it would require an extraordinarily unusual and highly improbable confluence of events to lead to the election of a president.
You can hypothesize, look in the past....Maybe somebody like say, for example, a Bobby Kennedy, who was tremendously popular with the public, who understood the national security bureaucracy from the inside out, who was tough-minded, who would not take no for an answer, who would stand up to the managerial network, maybe somebody like that who could grab these institutions by the lapels and tell them 'look, this is what you're going to do,'  maybe somebody like that could turn things around.
It would be a very difficult task.
You wouldn't have Congress or the courts behind him and the public is fearful that these institutions are protecting them and fearful of taking their power away.
The ultimate answer is that in a democracy, people get the quality of government that they deserve and they've got to pick a leader who is able to stand up to it, and I don't see any evidence that they're prepared to do that."

"When Eisenhower talked about the military-industrial complex, is this what he was talking about?"

"Yes, but it's evolved since then.
Eisenhower gave this incredibly important speech - his farewell address - which was overshadowed by the euphoria of John F. Kennedy's inaugural address.
Eisenhower gave this speech you refer to only a few days before Kennedy's inauguration, and so it's been largely forgotten.
But Eisenhower very precisely warned of the emergence of a military-industrial complex.
He suggested a serious threat to democracy and Eisenhower, as I say, having been in a position to know having spent his life in the military, since he graduated from West Point,  presided over all this.
As President he knew better than anybody what the risk was that the nation was confronting, and that risk, I must say, if anything, has expanded since January 1961 when Eisenhower gave that speech
Because the agencies in the intelligence and law enforcement community now operate with far less accountability, and the manpower and payrolls are far, far beyond anything Eisenhower could have imagined, so his warning, of course, was not taken seriously."

Professor Michael Glennon's book is "National Security and Double Government"

To hear the podcast of Jeff Schechtman's  interview with Profesor Michael Glennon or to read the complete transcript, go to: