Sunday, December 22, 2013

Petition To President Obama-Stop Ignoring Victims of Organized Stalking

Currently, when a stalking victim with a single stalker contacts the DOJ-funded Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) they are offered assistance, including rererals to other governmental and non-governmental agencies, referrals to stalking victim's support groups and more However, when a stalking victim with multiple stalkers contacts the Office for Victims of Crime, they are not offered any assistance at all, because "OVC does not provide any direct assistance to victims of multi-stalker incidents." This double standard for stalking victims is unacceptable. Single stalker victims get help from OVC, multiple stalker victims do not. There is now a Care 2 Petition To President Obama To Instruct the Office for Victims of Crime to Offer Assistance to ALL Stalking Victims, regardless of how many stalkers they have. To view the petition, please go to:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

COINTELPRO, The illegal, covert intelligence program that won't go away!

"COINTELPRO, that shocked the nation after the Church Committee investigations, never ended", according to former FBI agent M. Wesley Swearingen.
"The new COINTELPRO operates globally under a different code name, more sophisticated, with access to modern weapons"

Former FBI agent Bob Levin agrees.
Levin, "a validated FBI whistle-blower and blacklisted journalist", will be publishing the Blackfile Summary Report later this year.
"The Report will include the personal story of becoming a targeted individual [TI],  subjected to the political retribution of  on-going, illegal COINTELPRO operations".

"COINTELPRO began in the 1950s and was a program to disrupt communism---however, the program has continued and may have changed names many times".

The methods used by the FBI in the COINTELPRO program closely match those methods used today by those who engage in organized stalking, also known as gang stalking.
"Well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, set-ups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror and general harassment".

In 2009, the U.S.Justice Department issued a Special Report "Stalking Victimization in the United States"
(Pub # NCJ 224527)

In this 2009 survey, DOJ estimated the number of stalking victims who reported multiple stalkers to be in excess of 180,000 during the 12 month study period.

Freedom Of Information Act documents prove that DOJ deliberately under-estimated the true number of victims reporting multiple stalkers during the 12 month study period; and the actual number of stalking victims reporting multiple stalkers during the 12 month study period is probably between 500,000 and 600,000,  more than three times the number estimated by the Justice Department.

Why would the United States Department of Justice not want the American people to know the true number of organized stalking victims?

Perhaps the Justice Department itself is involved in this type of stalking.

That would explain why DOJ has never prosecuted a multiple stalker case.

That would also explain why the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) "does not provide direct assistance to victims of multi-stalker incidents"  (OVC is part of the United States Justice Department)

President Obama recently asked Vice-President Biden to head the "Campaign To Cut Waste", a new effort to "cut out wasteful spending at every agency and department in the federal government".
"It's a no-brainer to stop spending taxpayer dollars on things that benefit nobody--and that's what I intend to do with the help of a new Government Accountability and Transparency Board, a group composed of independent Inspectors-General and high-level agency officials who will help me root out waste, fraud, and abuse across the government", said the Vice-President.

It's extremely doubtful that the new Government Accountability and Transparency Board will "root out the waste, fraud, and abuse" going on within certain intelligence agencies, including the Billions of taxpayer dollars which are funding the "new, improved, illegal COINTELPRO program".

Meanwhile, the criminals who engage in organized stalking continue to act with impunity, knowing that the police will do nothing to stop them.

What is needed is a Congressional investigation into these and other intelligence matters.

Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ), who sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, has called for such a Congressional investigation.
"I'd like to see something on the scope of the Church Committee", Holt said.

The Congressman said that "it had been a few decades since Congress took a comprehensive inquiry into the intelligence community's impact on the relationship between the individual and his or her government"

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Gang Stalking: Effective Local Grassroots Activism" (Article)

From Now article by Peacefrog...August 4, 2011

   "Last night, Thom Hartmann did a segment on his syndicated [radio] show on the issue of the grassroots political power of the Precinct Committee Officers ("PCO")....  The Tea Party is pushing it's Concord Project to install local precinct committee officers (called Precinct Captains in some jurisdictions) in cities and small towns around the country.
   These positions are generally elected positions that require as few as 10 or 20 votes to win.  A "PCO" heads the local political machinery that turns out the vote, and, collectively, has the power to elect local and federal officials.
   Ultimately, these groups choose who makes it to the primary, and if enough people with an agenda get involved, they can weigh in decisively to choose candidates up to the Presidential Party Nominee.
   Therefore, these people can wield much power in shaping ultimate policies up to the federal level.  I think this is a great idea for political activism for gang stalking activists to bring awareness and closure to this toxic social movement.
   Hartman broke down the formula as: [follows]
Step 1) Precinct Committee Chairman
Step 2) Organize Groups
Step 3) Media Coverage

   Since gang stalking is destroying people across the country from small towns to large cities, and, since many positions can be obtained by just a few dozen votes, this is a golden activism opportunity.
   The rules seem somewhat loose. For example, a registered independent could choose to run for either the local Democratic or Republican Chair".

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Most Ignored Crime In America

.    In 2009, the United States Department of Justice published statistics about stalking in a Special Report,
"Stalking Victimization in the United States" (Pub # NCJ 224527)

    The number of stalking victims during the 12 month study period was in excess of  3,400,000.

    Of these, the vast majority were victims reporting a single stalker,  2,111, 220, or 62%.

    The number of victims reporting 2 stalkers was  619,300, or 18%.

    The number of victims reporting between 3 and 10 stalkers was just over  400,000 or 11.5%.

    The number of victims reporting between 11 and 50 stalkers was in excess of  45,000, or 1.4 %.

    The number of victims who didn't know how many stalkers they had was in excess of  220,000 or 6.5%.

    Combined, the number of victims who either didn't know how many stalkers they had or who reported
    between 11 and 50 stalkers was in excess of  265,000, or 8%.

    Even if one were to assume that, occasionally, a single stalker might ask a couple of friends to help him or her do the stalking; that still leaves a large "chunk" of the 400,000 victims who reported between 3 and 10 stalkers as probable victims of  multiple stalkers.

    A reasonable analysis of these statistics indicate that a conservative estimate of the actual number of  multiple stalker victims in America is probably around 500,000 every year.

    Half a million victims of a crime that the United States Department of Justice doesn't even consider to be a crime at all,  because it's not "one-on-one" stalking.

    Freedom Of Information Act documents show that the U.S. Department of Justice under-estimated the   number of stalking victims who reported multiple stalkers during the 12 month study.
(FOIA Request # 10-00169)

    Why would DOJ do such a thing?

    Why would DOJ not want the American people, the taxpayers who paid  for the 2009 DOJ  Special Report, to know the true extent of this type of stalking?

    Why do letters, e-mails, and phone calls to DOJ about organized stalking go unanswered?

    Why has the United States Department of Justice never prosecuted a multiple stalker case?

     Couldn't DOJ use existing federal anti-stalking laws to prosecute multi-stalker cases,  by using Conspiracy To Stalk, or RICO statutes, which might well apply in cases involving 20, 30, 40 or more stalkers.
    Organized stalking is Organized crime.

    An organized group who's sole purpose is to terrorize a "target' is, by it's very nature, a "corrupt organization", and probably "racketeer infiltrated" as well; so, the use of RICO statutes might well apply in such cases.

    Why won't the U.S. Department of Justice at least try to prosecute those responsible for organized stalking, especially in cases where there is an abundance of evidence that a crime has, indeed, taken place?

   If you are a victim of this type of stalking, go to your local police and tell them about it, and ask politely to leave a short, concise, written statement describing what the criminals are doing to you.

    Gather as much evidence as you can to support your claim that an organized group of strangers is stalking and harassing you. This can include eyewitnesses, photos, video, Caller ID records, and any other evidence that can be shown to the police.

    Make at least four copies of any statement you leave with the police;  one for your own records,  one to send to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's office nearest you,  one to send  to Attorney General Eric Holder at the U.S. Department of Justice,  950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW,   Washington, D.C.  20530-0001,
and one to send to your local District Attorney.
    Also telephone the Attorney General's office at the DOJ  Main Switchboard,  202-514-2000  as well as the Public Comment Line,  202-353-1555,  and send an e-mail  (without any attachments)  to:

     If you, or someone you know, is a victim of this type of stalking, also call, write, fax, or e-mail  President Obama, as well as your elected representatives, state and federal; and tell them your story..
    Their job is to represent you, their constituent; and your tax dollars pay their salaries.

    Call, write, fax, or e-mail your local newspapers, and tell them your story too.
    Contact your local radio and television stations' news departments as well.
    This is extremely important.

    Until the mainstream media begins to cover this type of stalking as a legitimate news story,  the American people will continue to be unaware that there even is such a thing as organized stalking.

    Until the politicians get many letters, phone calls and e-mails from their constituents who are victims of organized stalking, they will continue to ignore it.

    Until President Obama and Attorney General Holder get thousands of calls and e-mails from victims of organized stalking, they will continue to ignore the fact that this insidious type of stalking is taking place in America, in ever increasing numbers; and the Justice Department will continue to do  nothing to stop it.

    The United States Government is spending Billions of taxpayer dollars every year to keep America safe from terrorism.

    Yet,  the criminals who engage in organized stalking terrorize their victims every single day, using COINTELPRO type methods including stalking, illegal surveillance, vandalism, thefts, break-ins, overt or covert threats, noise campaigns, sleep deprivation, electronic harassment, and other types of torture as well.

    They act with impunity, knowing that neither local nor federal law enforcement will do anything to stop them.

    Until that changes, organized stalking will remain the most ignored crime in America..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Excerpt from "Final Report Of the Select Committee To Study Governmental Operations With Respect To Intelligence Activity"...Church Committee Report

    "A Government must protect it's citizens from those bent on engaging in violence and criminal behavior, or in espionage and other hostile foreign intelligence activity"

    "Intelligence work has, at times, successfully prevented dangerous and abhorrent acts, such as bombings and foreign spying, and aided in the prosecution of those responsible for such acts.
But Intelligence activity in the past decades has, all too often, exceeded the restraints on the exercise of governmental power which are imposed by our country's Constitution,  laws,  and traditions.
Excesses in the name of protecting security are not a recent development in our nation's history.  In 1798, for example, shortly after the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution, the Alien and Sedition Acts were passed.
 These Acts, passed in response to fear of Pro-French subversion, made it a crime to criticize the Government.
Hundreds of American citizens were prosecuted for anti-war statements during World War 1; and thousands of  "radical" aliens were seized for deportation during the 1920 Palmer Raids.  During the Second World War, over the objection of  J. Edgar Hoover and military intelligence,  4,120,000 Japanese-Americans were apprehended and incarcerated in detention camps.
These actions, however, were fundamentally different from the intelligence activities examined by this Committee. They were generally executed overtly under the authority of a statute or a public executive order.
The victims knew what was being done to them and could challenge the Government in the courts and other forums.
Intelligence activity, on the other hand, is generally covert.
It is concealed from it's victims and is seldom described in statutes or explicit executive orders.
The victim may never suspect that his misfortunes are the intended result of the activities undertaken by his government, and accordingly may have no opportunity to challenge the actions taken against him".


Monday, July 4, 2011

Excerpt from "Final Report Of The Select Committee To Study Governmental Operations With Respect To Intelligence Activities"...April 26, 1976

"We reject the view that the traditional American principles of justice and fair play have no place in our struggle against the enemies of freedom.  Moreover, our investigation has established that the targets of intelligence activity have ranged far beyond persons who could properly be characterized as enemies of freedom and have extended to a wide array of citizens engaging in lawful activity".

 "The violent acts of political terrorists can seriously endanger the rights of Americans.  Carefully focused intelligence investigations can help prevent such acts.  But too often intelligence has lost this focus; and domestic intelligence activities have invaded individual privacy and violated the rights of lawful assembly and political expression.  Unless new and tighter controls are established by legislation, domestic intelligence activities threaten to undermine our democratic society and fundamentally alter it's nature".

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Santa Cruz, California Police Department openly discusses organized stalking

The Santa Cruz, California Police Department has gone on record as openly admitting that organized stalking, also known as gang stalking,  is, indeed, a crime that the Santa Cruz Police Department has been dealing with for some time.

A You Tube video shows  Lt. Larry Miller of the Santa Cruz Police Department openly discussing organized stalking as part of a local television station's story about a stalking victim who was forced to move in order to escape his stalkers.

The You Tube video is listed as follows:

Gang Stalking, "Bullying On Steroids", AKA Organized Stalking,  Vigilante Stalking,  Cause  Stalking.