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"Whoever Fights Monsters Should See To It That In The Process He does Not Become A Monster"

December 12, 2019

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.
And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Anyone who knows anything about organized stalking knows that the criminals who participate in this type of stalking are, indeed, "monsters."

The Cambridge Dictionary defines "monster" as:
1) "Any imaginary frightening creature, especially one that is large and strange."
2) "A cruel person."

For our purposes here, the second definition is probably the more appropriateate of the two.
After all, the human vermin who engage in organized stalking, aka "gang" stalking, are cruel, soul-less, malevolent beings with absolutely no empathy at all for their victims.

Their purpose is to fill their victims' lives with terror and horror every single day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year,

Even though, like "good Germans," the low-level scumbags who actually "do" the stalking etc, are "only following orders" from their superiors, they are every bit as evil as the mid-level perps who call or text them via cell phoneand tell them exactly what to do to their "targets."
And the mid-level perps are every bit as evil as THEIR superiors, who call, text or email THEM (probably over very "secure" lines) with instructions to pass on to THEIR  subordinates, the evil, low-life, "ex-felon on parole-type" scumbags who actually DO the stalking, psychological and/or electronic torture against you on a daily basis.

If you seek to fight the "monsters," then you shouldn't do it using their methods, or you'll become as "bad" as they are.

If you surround yourself with negativity, then that's what you'll become.

Prayer can be a valuable tool in fighting these truly evil, soulless criminals.

It doesn't matter who you pray to.
You don't need to be a Christian to pray
Jewish people pray.
Hindu people pray.
Muslim people pray.
Buddhists pray.
People from all walks of life pray.

You can pray to "God," to "The Almighty,' to a "Higher Power," to "The Great Spirit in the Sky," doesn't matter.

You can pray to "saints" such as St. Joseph, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Jude, St. Anthony, and others.
You can pray to loved ones who have passed over to the other side.

Prayers can be very powerful.
Larry Dossey M.D., a doctor who probably knows more about the power of prayer than anyone, has written several books about prayer:
"Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine"
"Prayer is Good Medicine: How to Reap the Healing benefits of Prayer"
"Be Careful What You Pray For..You Just Might Get It"
(Google "Dr. Larry Dossey's Official Website")

And don't forget about the angels.

"Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you always."
St. Francis de Sales

Gang stalkers are monsters, there;s no doubt about that.
But don't let your hatred of them make you a monster too.
Do whatever you can to stay positive.
Play with your friends...Play with your pets...Play computer games, if that helps.
(Try to avoid the really violent computer games)
Read good books...books that make you feel "good."
Watch good movies on TV or DVD...movies that make you feel "good."
Go for long walks, even if your stalkers follow you.
If you like to run, run every around a track if one is nearby.
If you have a dog, walk him or her every day
Walking is an exercise nearly anyone can do, no matter how old you are, and there are countless other exercises you can do on a daily basis as well, including playing tennis, softball, swimming, gym exercises, frisbee golf, (or just throwing a frisbee with a friend or two),

Hang out with people who "make you feel good."
Do NOT "hang out" with people who are "downers" or "takers" or "psychic leeches."

Live your life as best you can, and don't let the evil overcome you, as Nietzsche wrote hundreds of years ago.

And remember, as we've stated before on earlier posts,
Gather evidence against your stalkers on a daily basis!
Write down your stalkers' license plate numbers,  videotape them on your cell phones, or video cameras.
If you can afford it, mount surveillance cameras on your home.
If you live in an apartment, invest in good double-bolt locks for all your doors.
Make your home as secure as you can.
Reach out to friends and relatives for support.
If you don't have many friends, then go out and "make" friends.
Be polite and friendly to others, especially strangers, after all, the vast majority of people on this planet are much like you are.
They have their problems too, just like you, but very few of them are truly "evil" or "wish you harm," the way your stalkers do.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

St. Francis of Assisi

"If you're going through hell, keep going."

Winston Churchill

"A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes.
It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results."

Wade Boggs

"And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.
With all it's sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy."

The Desiderata

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Psychological Torture IS Torture

The following is taken from:


[Torture is] the deliberate, systematic, or wanton infliction of physical or mental suffering by one or more persons acting alone or on the orders of any authority, to force another person to yield information, to make a confession, OR FOR ANY OTHER REASON (World Medical Association, 1975).

[Torture is] any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical of mental, is intentionally inflicted upon a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession,  punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating him or coercing him or a third person, OR FOR ANY REASON BASED ON DISCRIMINATION OF ANY KIND, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by, or at the instigation of, or "with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity."
(United Nations, 1987)

PT is NO-TOUCH TORTURE (Alfred McCoy, 2006)

Those of us who are victims of Organized Stalking know exactly what "no-touch torture" is.
We have to go through "no-touch torture" every single day.
Whether it's horns honking at us when we exit our homes, turn on our house lights, go out our back doors, or do anything else, or loud vehicles driving up and down the street in front of where we live, or loud whistles when we go in or come out, or children screaming, or people shouting, or ANY loud noise directed at us.
We know about "no-touch torture" and when we go to the police for help, we are either laughed at, or considered "crazy" and/or told that "strangers wouldn't be doing that to you."...Right?

And "noise" is only one of many tactics which gang stalkers use,
(See previous posts on this blog)

So-called "Noise Campaigns" are a very effective "no-touch" torture technique, and such noise campaigns are not thought up by the low-life scumbags, ex-felons-on-parole, pedophiles, bullies, et. al. who actually DO the torture.
Hell, No!
These truly evil methods of psychological torture are systematically used all over the United States, Canada, the U.K., and in countries all over the world.
The gang stalking assholes who rented the apartment next to you aren't deciding what type of "no-touch torture" to use on you..They are TOLD what to do to you.
The gang stalking bullies who've rented the house next to you, (rent paid by their superiors) for the purpose of making your life a living Hell, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, are TOLD exactly what to do by their superiors, who are most likely high-level intelligence agents working for the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, DHS, or any of a dozen other "three letter' government agencies, because the low-level perps who actually DO the evil to you are too stupid to devise these diabolical gang stalking torture techniques by themselves.

So, you move into a quiet neighborhood, and soon find yourself having to deal with people next door who
A) Play their stereos so loud that your windows vibrate,or
B) Encourage their children to yell and scream at the top of their lungs, right in front of where you live, or
C) Have large dogs that bark incessantly, or
D) Play electric guitars, bass guitars, and VERY LOUD drums, 5 or 6 days a week, for 5 or 6 hours a day.

These are techniques of TORTURE!
These are similar to the techniques used at Guantanamo against the prisoners there!
These are techniques of TERROR!
Gang Stalkers are TERRORISTS of the worst kind.
Their goal is to terrorize you as much as possible, to "torture" you as much as possible, without having to pay the price of being arrested, because the police do not believe that "Organized Stalking" aka "Gang Stalking"
"It's all in your head, Mr. Smith..Your neighbors don't hate you. Your neighbors aren't 'out to get you",,by the way, have you told this to your doctor?" (Typical response from a police officer after you tell him or her what your neighbors are doing)

Psychological Torture IS Torture....Period!
If you are renting your house or apartment, you can always move, right?
If you move to another apartment, or house, or town, the gang stalking will "follow you" there.
If you own your house, and try to sell it, who's going to buy it?
Who would want to live next door to a practicing band, with loud electric guitars, bass and, worst of all,
So, you are stuck there, unable to sell your house, because of the low-life scumbags who live right next door.

Please feel free to comment on this.
We would like to hear from you.
(Perps, trolls, dis-info agents and those who can't even spell correctly won't be allowed to post comments on this blog)

Friday, October 11, 2019

Stuck in the Middle of Hell

October 11, 2019

As we have discussed on this blog, one of the methods of psychological torture which gang stalkers like to use against their victims is the so-called "Noise Campaign."

Remember, the gang stalkers you see everyday on the streets, or near your home/apartment, or following you on the freeway etc. are the "low-level perps.":

They do not choose the methods of torture they use on you; they are TOLD what to do to you by the "mid-level perps," who.essentially, are the bosses of the "low-level perps."

These malevolent,soulless, cowardly "mid-level perps" in turn are TOLD what to do by THEIR bosses, the "high-level perps."..the evil, soulless cowards who actually "call the shots."

These "high-level perps" are truly diabolical in their setting up of the torture programs which they pass on to the "mid-level perps," who in turn pass on their "orders" to the low-life street scumbags who actually DO the "gang stalking."

You will rarely, if ever, actually see the "mid-level" perps.
They keep themselves out of the "trenches,' so to speak.
They do not ever want to be seen by the targeted individuals they set up for gang stalking torture.

The "low-level perps," on the other hand, don't care if you see them doing their evil.
In fact, they often WANT you to see them.


This is a major difference between "one-on-one"  stalking and gang stalking, or group stalking, or "organized stalking," or whatever you wish to call it.
"One-on-one" stalkers use COVERT surveillance on their victims.
These type of stalkers do NOT want to be seen doing illegal surveillance, because if they are seen, they might get caught.
The "gang stalker," on the other hand, oftentimes DOES want you to see him or her, because that is part of the "terror" of what they are doing to you.
They want to "terrorize" their victims, make them afraid, and try to make their lives as horrible as possible.

Used with other gang stalking techniques like overt illegal surveillance, community mobbing, workplace mobbing, street theater, noise campaigns, and other methods of psychological torture, the "low-level street thugs" that you see following you, that you see driving back and forth in front of your house, that you see in the supermarket etc.are NOT the ones "calling the shots."

They are merely following orders from their bosses.
Their bosses, the mid-level perps, use tried and true methods of torture against their assigned targets, or victims.

Why is this important?

It's important because in order to truly "understand" the evil that the perps you see are doing, you have to realize that they are not acting on their own.
They do not "decide" which torture techniques to use on their assigned "targets."
It's the "higher-ups" who make those decisions.
The "mid-level" and "high-level" gang stalkers are the ones who make those decisions, not the "street-thugs."

Also included in the category of "mid-level perps" are the evil, soulless bastards who fly the surveillance planes over your house,
They are higher up on the "food chain" of gang stalking because they probably do NOT have criminal records like the "street-thugs" do.
They, too,  get paid to terrorize you, but I'm sure they get paid a lot more.than the low-level street thugs do

The high-level perps are the most mysterious of all because they are likely working at intelligence centers with three-letter names, such as FBI, CIA, DOJ, DHS, etc. and you not only will NEVER actually see them, you most likely will NEVER know who the hell they are.
They are the most evil of all because they are the ones who actually decide which torture techniques to use on you, and how "intense" that torture should be.

So, if a low-level "street thug" moves into the house or apartment  next to you, or above you, he or she will get their "orders:" via cell phone messages, and will be told what exactly to do to make your life a living hell.

For example, if you live in a house, and gang stalkers move into the house next door, (rent free, of course),they will do only what their bosses TELL them to do.
So, at first, they might be given electric guitars and told to play them as loud as possible.
This might go on for months, causing their target, who lives right next door, to lose sleep, and to have to put up with the sound of a really bad, loud,  electric guitarist "practicing" their instrument.

In reality, the really bad, loud, electric guitar-playing gang stalker next door is not "practicing" their instrument, they're using their loud electric guitar to "terrorize" you, to make you want to move out of your home, to make your life a living hell, every single day.

But wait..It could get worse!
What if the loud electric guitar playing is accompanied by loud drums as well?
Again, the drummer is not actually "practicing" playing the drums, he or she is deliberately making as much noise as possible.
THAT is what they have been ordered to do by their boss, the mid-level gang stalker.
BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM is what you will hear,
You won't hear a gang stalker drummer "keeping the beat," because that is not what their purpose is.
They are NOT "practicing" playing musical instruments, they are merely carrying out orders from above, orders from their bosses, ordering them to make as much noise as possible so as to make your life a living hell.

What if you own the house you're living in, and are unable to sell it because the next door neighbors are carrying out a "noise campaign" masquerading as a group of "musicians"?
Who would want to buy a house next door to a bunch of really bad, LOUD musicians?

Do you see how diabolical this all is?

Not only can they torture you with their horrible noise campaign, they can make it impossible for you to move out of your home, especially if you don't have much equity in your home, or if you owe more on your mortgage than your house is worth.

You are stuck in the middle of Hell; and there's not a thing you can do about it!

Friday, May 31, 2019

Why does the FBI use fake companies to fly surveillance planes over U.S. cities?

Associated Press
June 2, 2015


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Scores of low-flying planes circling American cities are part of a civilian air force operated by the FBI and obscured behind fictitious companies, the Associated Press has learned.

The AP traced at least 50 aircraft back to the FBI, and identified more than 100 flights in 11 states over a 30-day period  since late April, orbiting both major cities and rural areas.

At least 115 planes, including 90 Cessna aircraft, were mentioned in a federal budget document from 2009.

For decades. the planes have provided support to FBI intelligence operations on the ground.
But now the aircraft are equipped with high-tech cameras, and in rare instances, technology capable of tracking thousands of cellphones, raising questions about how these surveillance flights affect Americans' privacy.

The FBI says the planes are not equipped or used for bulk collection activities or used for mass surveillance.
The surveillance equipment is used for ongoing investigations, the FBI says, generally without a judge's approval.

The FBI confirmed for the first time the wide-scale use of the aircraft, which the AP traced to at least 13 fake companies, such as FVX Research, NBR Aviation, and PXW Services.

The front companies are used to protect the safety of the pilots, the agency said.
That setup also shields the identity of the aircraft so that suspects on the ground don't know they're being followed.

Read entire article:

Or Google: "FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities"

One of the COINTELPRO "psy-ops torture techniques" to harass and terrify "targeted individuals" (TIs) is the use of aircraft, both fixed-wing and helicopters, on a daily basis.
There seems to be unlimited money and resources at their disposal for this type of stalking and harassment.
These aircraft are often used as part of "noise campaigns" to keep the TIs from getting enough sleep.
If a low-flying, fixed-wing aircraft buzzes a target's house at 5:45 A.M., there's a good chance that the target will be awakened.

Sleep deprivation is torture, pure and simple, and these flying gang stalkers are using proven "no-touch" torture techniques against their innocent victims.

How long will the FBI and other governmental agencies be able to get away with these sinister and illegal techniques of torture against innocent Americans?

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Californians Report Organized Stalking in Droves, to Local TV News Outlets & Beyond
November 3, 2018
By Thomas Fontanez McFarlan

"As a ground breaking bill proposal that explicitly outlaws organized torture, via organized stalking and electromagnetic weapons, is under review by legislators in California, the numerous reports of organized stalking and electromagnetic weapon attacks, given by droves of Californians, are a stark reminder of how desperately overdue this legislation is..
..Are legislators and other leaders in California going to ignore these reports, that even mainstream journalists found so credible they couldn't ignore them, despite being a risky subject to touch for their careers?

Since the late 1990s, numerous California-based major TV news outlets have reported on the now wildly out-of-control organized stalking epidemic in California.
These accounts, that have been broadcast to millions of viewers, both by traditional cable news and online broadcasting platforms, have somehow been largely ignored, by both law enforcement and legislators in California.
Currently, a woman by the name of Dr. Tomo Shibata, who has been targeted with organized stalking and electromagnetic weapons in California, is presenting a bill proposal to California legislators, that explicitly outlaws organized stalking and electromagnetic weapon campaigns, that is titled "The Organized Torture Act"
As these legislators continue to review Dr. Shibata's bill proposal, these numerous and revealing TV reports serve as an omen of things to come for the entire population, if nothing significant  is done to end these crimes in the next few years

This article includes major TV news segments that acknowledge the reality of the organized stalking phenomenon in California, and with absolute certainty, the legitimacy of the reportage given by the Californian victims they feature.
The journalists and major network news station teams, who have courageously brought these crimes against humanity to light include:
- Journalist David Bienick at KCRA 3 News Sacramento, CA.
- Journalist Brian Shlonsky at ABC 10 News San Diego, CA.
- Journalist Candice Nguyen at KION Central (West) Coast News, CA.
- Journalist/Actor William Shatner at The History Channel
- Journalists Linsey Davis and Ronan Farrow at ABC News
- Journalists Megyn Kelly, Kate Snow and Cynthia McFadden at NBC News
- Journalist Andrea Canning at ABC News
- Ultra-science Journalists at The Learning Channel
- Journalist Ross Blackstone at KOVR 13 News Sacramento, CA.
- Journalist Angela Monroe at KMIR News 6 Coachella, CA.
- Journalists Margaret J. Howell and Madison Mary Walls at The Lip TV"

Thomas Martanez McFarlan goes on to say:

"For those who are  unfamiliar with what organized stalking is, or only have a vague idea of what it is, below I have included my comprehensive definition of organized stalking, from my deep-dive article on the phenomenon here on Medium.

Organized stalking is a horrific and extraordinarily illicit phenomenon that is most commonly known as gang stalking, but the term Organized Stalking provides the most accurate designation.
Organized Stalking amounts to a covert, extraordinarily intense and highly organized stalking crime, a vastly multi-layered illicit business plan, and a covert tool to psychologically condition the public at large into self-subjugation, to the holistic globalist criminal cartel that has garnered significant power over all the nations of the world.
For the sake of understanding the overarching nature of Organized Stalking, it is important to sum up this kind of stalking as simply a business model -- as money and opportunistic power-plays, on every layer of it's vastly multi-layered and compartmentalized operation -- are the overarching points of leverage that make the internal mechanism of Organized Stalking tick.
Most type of stalking crimes are perpetrated solely against a single individual in a largely crude manner, by a lone estranged business associate, spouse, colleague, friend, or secretive voyeur - that was motivated simply by a desire to fulfill feelings of revenge, straightforward monetary gain, to manipulate a single relationship, to gain a simple advantage in a competitive market place, or to fulfill a voyeuristic drive.
Organized Stalking by contrast, is omnipresent, highly organized, precisely customized to the specific victim, extraordinarily intense, and usually involves physical attacks on the victim's body via classified  military electromagnetic weapons.
Additionally, a full spectrum of classified military high-technology tools are utilized, and the stalking campaign is perpetrated by large teams of individuals who work in the security services industry, or who culturally associate with these people.
This overwhelming, omnipresent, and utterly surreal type of stalking is designed to completely decimate the victim's life and psyche, as well as, extract multiple streams of profit from the victim directly, and as a human experimentation subject.
Moreover, the family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and business partners of the primary victim, ultimately all end up being turned into victims themselves and used as sources of profit.
This is done by the creation of 'control files,' that are written up about them under the fraudulent pretense of 'association with a criminal'....Then this 'control file' is used as leverage to more subtly subjugate them, or turn them into full-fledged targeted individuals themselves, at some point in the future.
Finally, through the public spectacle that these campaigns create, and the underlying fascist social-political momentum that is generated, Organized Stalking campaigns covertly psychologically condition the public at large, in a way that insidiously divorces them from their fundamental human rights, and the rule of law and constitution.
This creates fertile ground to globally perpetuate and expand, the holistic globalist criminal cartel's business model, and entrap more individuals into Organized Stalking programs.
So Organized Stalking is an all-together completely different, and infinitely more destructive phenomenon than what is normally thought of as stalking."

Read more:
"Californians Report Organized-Stalking in Droves, to Local TV News Outlets & Beyond"

Monday, May 13, 2019

How to Tame a Demon. A Short Practical Guide To Organized Intimidation Stalking

Book Recommendation:


By Dr. Robert Duncan

(Available in paperback for $17.00 at

From "Introduction" to "How To Tame a Demon; A Short Practical Guide To Organized Intimidation Stalking, Electronic Torture and Mind Control" Dr. Robert Duncan

"This book hopes to give some practical advise and understanding of how different perspectives can cause confusion and frustration for the target and hopes to consolidate some solutions others have found....
...This book is basically a compilation of some of the most commonly asked questions a novice asks when brought into these horrific government programs of  experimentation, manipulation, and silent assassination.
The questions are answered as simply and succinctly as possible.
This book is not meant to produce false hope.
It hopes to alienate suffering.
It offers suggestions from hundreds of TI's through anecdotal stories.
It seems that what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.
Large scale studies have not been done because of the lack of government grants in this area for the "fringe."
As more and more people come forward, the fringe will become the norm."

Friday, May 10, 2019

Tactics For Fighting Back: The Healing Power of Prayer

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." (Romans 12: 21)

As all victims of organized stalking know, the criminals who make their lives a living hell every single day are truly evil, soulless, malevolent beings.
Many of them are Pedophiles.
Many of them are Satan worshipers.
Many of them are ex-felons on parole.
All of them are evil!

On earlier posts we discussed "Tactics For Fighting Back."
Prayer can also be considered a "tactic for fighting back."

It doesn't matter who one prays to.
It could be to Jesus, to Moses, to Buddha, to "The Great Spirit" or to any type of  "Higher Power."

The low-life scumbags who participate in this type of stalking want you to suffer, to feel real pain, both emotional and physical, every day, and to eventually become so depressed that you want to just kill yourself.
THAT is what they really want! - They want you to commit suicide.
They are too cowardly to kill you themselves - because they might get caught, (and they sure don't want that).

Prayer is a powerful tool for healing the deep depression caused by day in day out OS harassment and torture.

Belief in a higher power is essential, because without such a belief, there is nothing to live for.

"Believe that life is worth living.and your belief will help create the fact." (William James)

For those victims of organized stalking who wish to know more about how powerful prayer can be, go to your local library and check out any books written by Dr. Larry Dossey.

The author of nine books and numerous articles, Dr. Dossey is the former Executive Editor of the peer-reviewed journal "Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine," the most widely subscribed-to journal in it's field.
The primary quality of all of Dr. Dossey's work is scientific legitimacy, with an insistent focus on "what the data show."
As a result, his colleagues in medical schools and hospitals all over the country trust him, honor his message, and continually invite him to share his insights with them.
He has lectured all over the world, including major medical schools and hospitals in the United States - Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, the Universities of Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, and the Mayo Clinic.

His latest book is called "One Mind" (2014)
In 'One Mind,' New York Times best-selling author Larry Dossey M.D., proposes an inspiring view of consciousness that may reshape our destiny.
Dossey's premise is that all individual minds are part of an infinite, collective dimension of consciousness he calls One Mind.
This state - which we can all access - explains phenomena as diverse as epiphanies, creative breakthroughs, premonitions of danger or disaster, near-death experiences, communication with other species and with the dead, reincarnation, the movement of herds, flocks, and schools, and remote healing.

"I used to believe that we must choose between science and reason on one hand, and spirituality on the other, in how we lead our lives.
Now I consider this a false choice.
We can recover the sense of sacredness, not just in science, but in perhaps every area of life."

Larry Dossey M.D.

"Dr. Larry Dossey's Official Website" can be easily found by doing a Google search.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Why "Organized Stalking" is a better term to use than "Gang Stalking"

"Gang Stalking", "Organized Stalking", "Group Stalking", "Cause Stalking", "Revenge Stalking" are all terms used to describe the type of stalking that this website is about.

"One-On-One" stalking is the most prevalent type of stalking that is done today.
Victims of this type of stalking usually report that a single person, whom they know, is stalking them - an ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-co-worker etc.
Victims of this type of stalking can go to the police and report the stalking; and the police will usually be able and willing to help them.
They will take down all the information the victim tells them, and will offer further help as well.
They may suggest that the "One-On-One" stalking victim seek a restraining order against whoever is stalking them, and they may even contact the suspected stalker to see what he or she has to say about the fact that they have been accused of stalking.

However, as has been previously stated on this website many times, if a victim of multiple stalkers, all unknown to the victim, goes to the local police for help; he or she is usually treated as if  they have "psychological" problems; because "a stranger would never be doing that!."

Eleanor White, a multi-stalking victim for over 25 years, and an advocate for victims of this type of stalking, was probably the one who coined the term "Gang Stalking."
However, years later, she realized that using the term "Gang" stalking implied that this type of stalking was done by "street gangs," which, of course is generally untrue.
(Occasionally street gangs ARE used as part of the harassment of Targeted Individuals)

But when Eleanor White started a website about this type of stalking, she called it:
"Multistalker" - because she thought "Multi-stalker" was a more accurate term to use, and doesn't confuse people who are unfamiliar with this type of stalking.

As Eleanor White herself has said:
"Commonly known gangs - youth, ethnic, biker, Mafia etc.- are NOT carrying out organized stalking.
If you say they are, you are not painting an accurate picture and are making it more difficult for OS targets to achieve justice.
Any reference to 'gang' stalking with unaware people throws the conversation way off on an irrelevant side track, burning up all the available attention span.
If you insist on calling this 'gang' stalking, I hope you will minimize the use of that term as it doesn't help our cause.
We all need to educate the public about the reality of organized stalking, and do so regardless of whether the perps see it as a 'reaction' or not.
If we don't educate the public, the nightmare of organized stalking will never end.
A good step in that direction would be to force the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) to stop treating OS as mental illness, and include it in their educational materials."

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

POLITICO Account of a "Private Spy Ring"

The following is taken from

December 6, 2018

Politico account of a "private spy ring"

Zach Dorfman's article this week at Politico recounts an example of a private spy network in America.
In the case described, local and federal law enforcement officials were feeding information to a private, right-wing political organization.

Dorfman provides some historical context:
"Private spy rings can be traced back all the way to the 1920s," said Darren Malloy, a professor of history at Wilfrid Laurier University and an expert on radical political and social movements, " or even back to Allan Pinkerton's Detective Agency at the end of the 19th century."

The tradition picked up during the 1950s, Malloy says, reportedly with the likes of anti-communist groups like the American Security Council and the John Birch Society.

Such groups "perpetuated conspiracies by gathering so-called intelligence in an effort to discredit people (and) to try and link them to grand and dastardly schemes," Seth Rosenfeld, author of 'Subversives: The FBI's War on Student Radicals, and Reagan's Rise to Power' told me.
"So whether it was a communist conspiracy then, or a 'deep state' plot now, these are attempts to undermine people who are dissenting from the powers of the movement."

In 1979, a congressman, Larry McDonald, established an organization called 'Western Goals,' as "his own private intelligence agency."

Read more:
Scroll down main page to
December 6, 2018
Politico account of a "private spy ring"

Friday, April 12, 2019

Shout At Your Gang Stalkers: "STALKING IS A CRIME!"

Do you ever feel like shouting at those miserable, low-life scumbags who stalk, harass and torture you every single day?

Do you ever feel so angry at them for their constantly following you, their constant harassment, their constant mobbing, their constant street theater, their non-stop noise campaigns, and their daily psychological torture that you just feel like screaming at them?

well, DO IT!

First, make sure that it's not just somebody behind you who happens to be walking in the same direction, or a car that is behind you that may or may not be a gang stalker.
You don't want to be shouting at total strangers for no reason, because that's a good way to get yourself arrested and/or locked up in a psychiatric ward.

But if you're SURE that it's a gang stalker, then shout "Stop Following Me!!"
If you're SURE that it's a gang stalker who has backed into a parking space behind your car while you were shopping, and who now sits inside his or her vehicle, lights and engine ON, watching you...shout at them
I guarantee you that they will not like it one bit.

The truth is, gang stalking, aka, "Organized Stalking" IS a crime!
Organized Stalking is Organized Crime!
Organized Stalking is a type of STALKING, and "STALKING IS A CRIME"

Gather evidence, use your cell phone to get them on video.
Use your Cam-Corder to get them on video, WHILE THEY ARE STALKING & HARASSING YOU!!
Install surveillance cameras on the front, side and rear of your home, if you can afford it.
Do all the things you need to do to thwart them and their evil harassment and torture.
Don't be passive and afraid of them...They should be afraid of YOU!!
YOU are not the one who is committing a crime, THEY ARE!

STALK,ING IS A CRIME!!....Shout it at them!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Flying Gang Stalkers - Get Them On Video!

Victims of Organized Stalking often report "surveillance aircraft" flying in circles over their homes.

These so-called "surveillance" planes are NOT doing surveillance.
They are engaging in PSY-OPS TORTURE!!

These high-flying criminals ARE BREAKING THE LAW!

Back in the 1970s, after the findings of the Church Committee in the U.S. Senate, the FBI's secret
COINTELPRO counter-intelligence program was determined to be ILLEGAL.

Although the FBI claims that COINTELPRO was "shut down" in 1971 after it was exposed by activists who broke in to an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, and later gave the COINTELPRO documents to the newspapers.
We now know that the FBI was LYING!! - COINTELPRO was NOT "shut down"...It has merely changed  names...many times.
(See: the Common Dreams article from March 8, 2016 "45 Years After COINTELPRO, FBI Still Thinks Dissent Is the Enemy"....Also, see the You Tube video called "COINTELPRO Is Alive Today")

These flying gang stalkers who circle targeted individuals TO THIS DAY are part of the "New, Improved "COINTELPRO.

Remember, these high flying criminals in their expensive, specially-built, million-dollar "surveillance" aircraft are not doing COVERT surveillance (hidden surveillance), they are doing OVERT surveillance.
They WANT their victims to see and hear them - They WANT their victims to feel TERROR!
These filthy flying human vermin are, essentially, engaging in the TORTURE of their targeted victims.
"Psychological torture" is TORTURE..
Sleep deprivation is TORTURE.
These flying scumbags are Breaking The Law every time they "buzz" your home!
GET THEM ON VIDEO, so that you have PROOF of what they are doing.
GET THEM ON VIDEO, so that when you eventually decide to contact your elected representatives,
Local, State, and, most importantly, your Federal elected representatives, you will be able to say:
"These criminals who engage in stalking, harassment and terror campaigns against me ARE REAL,
and I CAN PROVE IT with VIDEOTAPED EVIDENCE, which I am willing to show you."

Use Video Recorders, if possible,
If you can't afford to buy a Video Recorder, go ahead and use your cell phone to get them on video.
Cell phone video is fine for recording the criminals who stalk and harass you on the ground, or in your car, but cell phones don't work as well as video recorders for use against the COINTELPRO aircraft that like to stalk, harass and TORTURE TI's from the air.

Remember, the best thing you can do to thwart gang stalkers is to
 GATHER EVIDENCE AGAINST THEM,,,so that it's not just "your word against theirs"
Videotaped evidence of gang stalking is vital if you want to be taken seriously by your elected representatives.
Videotape the cars driving up and down your block to harass you.
Videotape the gang stalkers who walk back and forth in front of where you live.
Videotape the perps who follow you on foot wherever you go.
GET THEM ON VIDEO!..whether it's by use of your cell phone or by use of a video tape recorder.
Videotape ALL OF IT!
Try to get the markings on the side of the planes, if possible.
If you can get the aircraft's FAA numbers & letters, this can be used in court against them.
Similarly, if you can get the license plate numbers of the gang stalkers who torment you by driving up and down your block, this also can be used in court against them.

Read more about COINTELPRO and Gang Stalking:

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Gang Stalkers Could Be Prosecuted Using RICO Predicates

Is Organized Stalking, (aka Gang Stalking), a RICO Predicate Offense?

(From Wikipedia:)

RICO Predicate Offenses:

"Racketeering Activity" Defined:

"Under the law, the meaning of 'Racketeering Activity' is set out at  18 U.S.C. ^ 1961
As currently amended it includes:

- Any violation of state statutes against gambling, murder. kidnapping, extortion, arson, robbery,  dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical (As defined in the Controlled Substances Act).

- Any act of bribery, counterfeiting, theft, embezzlement, fraud, dealing in obscene matter, obstruction of justice, slavery, racketeering, gambling, money laundering, commission of murder-for-hire, and many other offenses under the Federal Criminal Code (Title 18).

- Embellishment of union funds,

- Bankruptcy fraud or Securities fraud,

- Drug Trafficking, long-term and elaborate drug networks can also be prosecuted using the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute,

- Criminal copyright infringement,

- Money laundering and related offenses,

- Bringing in, aiding or assisting aliens in illegally entering the country (if the action was for financial gain),

- Acts of terrorism."

(Gang Stalking itself is an "act of terrorism")


"The RICO statute contains a provision that allows for the commencement of a civil action by a private party  to recover damages sustained as a result of the commission of a RICO predicate offense."

NOTE: This civil provision would allow victims of organized stalking to sue their stalkers for "damages sustained as a result of the commission of a RICO predicate offense."
In other words, OS victims could sue their stalkers for damages from years of harassment, covert and overt surveillance, vandalism, thefts, mobbing, street theater, slander, psychological torture, and all other criminal acts committed as part of their campaign of terror upon the OS victim.
If successful, such civil lawsuits could result in OS victims taking possession of their stalkers' homes, real estate, vehicles, boats, bank accounts,  etc.

Read entire Wikipedia article on The Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization:s Act:

Saturday, April 6, 2019

The FBI is "Trumpland"

(The following was originally posted on this blog November 14, 2016)


The Guardian (UK)
November 3, 2016

Deep antipathy exists within the FBI, multiple bureau sources have told The Guradian, spurring a rapid series of leaks damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign just days before the election.

Current and former FBI officials, none of whom were willing or cleared to speak on the record,  have described a chaotic internal climate that resulted from outrage over FBI Director James Comey's July decision not to recommend an indictment over Clinton's maintenance of a private e-mail server on which classified information transited.

"The FBI is Trumpland," said one current agent.

The currently serving FBI agent said Clinton is "The Anti-Christ personified to a large swath of FBI personnel," and that "the reason why they're leaking is that they're pro-Trump."

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Judge Rules in Favor of FBI in Freedom Of Information Act Lawsuit

In a May 17, 2012 article for "Now Public,"  Keith Labella writes:

"The article examines a recent F.O.I.A. case brought against the FBI and the Justice Department in Brooklyn Federal Court on the subject of Gang Stalking.
The judge was presented with an affidavit in support of plaintiff Keith Labella's request for materials the FBI maintained on the subject of Gang Stalking, Organized Stalking and Flash Mobbing.
A 2009 Special Report: 'Stalking Victimization in the United States' (Pub # NCJ 224527) shows that 13 percent of all (reported) stalking cases involved three of more stalkers, or more than 180,000 cases,  during the 12-month survey period.
The FBI not only knows about Gang Stalking, (aka Organized Stalking), or Flash Mobbing, it actively is engaged in a program of deception aimed at preventing the American people from knowing the extent of the problem.
The FBI's claim that it has no documents related to Gang Stalking is absolutely false, as is shown in the May 17, 2012 'Now Public' article,  and in the affidavits filed in Brooklyn Federal Court by Mr. Labella."

The judge ruled in favor of the FBI.
(Scroll down to "DOJ Stalking Report On Gang Stalking")

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Gang Stalking is a Federal Crime

(The following was originally posted October 28, 2015 on this website)


U.S. Code: Title 18
Section 241
Conspiracy Against Rights

"If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise of or the enjoyment of any right pr privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of him having exercised the same; or if two or more persons go in disguise on the highway or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured --
They shall be fined under this Title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill,  they shall be fined under this Title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death."

(Google: "America's Forgotten Anti-Gangstalking Law:  USC::18 Section 241)

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What is "Voice to Skull" Technology?

"Voice to Skull" has been defined as a "mind control" device.

The Federation of American Scientists defines Voice to Skull (V2K) devices as:
"Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation: and (2)  a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of persons or animals.
NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages.
One application of V2K is use as an electronic "scarecrow" to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports."

 Eleanor White, an Organized Stalking activist and OS victim for more than 35 years, said:

"The 'psycho-electronic' type of mind control I'm discussing here is the covert, around-the-clock harassment of innocent citizens living in their homes and communities, and is currently world wide in scope.
This harassment includes electronic mind-body attacks, street harassment skits, destruction of family and other relationships, and destruction of careers.

One especially effective invasive attack method in the arena of 'psycho-electronic' mind control is 'voice to skull.'
Voice to skull is the transmission of voice, or any other audible or subliminal sound, directly into the hearing sense of the mind control victim.
This is sometimes done around the clock and can be one of the severest forms of torture.
Voice to skull technology is sometimes referred to as 'synthetic telepathy.'

Current-day voice to skull cannot be stopped by any known electronic shielding, a fact which demonstrates how advanced mind control technology has become.

The listener needs to know that at least one method of voice to skull transmission using microwave pulses much like radar, is not particularly new.
During World War ll, technicians working in the path of energized radar antennas discovered that they could hear a buzz seeming to originate inside their skulls.
This buzz was being caused by the train of very short pulses of microwave signal, each pulse causing a single click

In the early 1970s, Dr. Joseph Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research used a computer to control a radar transmitter such that each time a human voice waveform changed from a peak to a valley, the radar transmitter sent out a single pulse, causing a single click to be heard by the test subject.
Because these clicks were timed according to the human voice waveform, the test subject heard a voice, rather than a string of clicks.
This has not been pursued, at least publicly, due to concerns about the effect of microwave signals aimed at a person's skull, but it does work.

In actual fact, a suitably modified amateur radio transmitter operating in either the 420 to 450 megahertz band or the 1.3 gigahertz band, with a highly directional antenna, is capable of transmitting voice to skull signals at a cost less than the price of an automobile.

In addition to simply driving a target crazy, voice to skull can be used for more severe damage to a targeted person if instead of audible voice, one of several types of SUBLIMINAL voice is transmitted instead.
When the subliminal voice is that of a hypnotist, and is aimed at a targeted person's bed, voice to skull can be used over time to undetectably program the person.
Because the power level required is fairly modest, being something like the output of the common heat lamp, the person being programmed could have no idea this is happening.

A person who is highly susceptible to hypnosis, and about one in five are, could be put through living Hell simply by way of subliminal voice to skull.

It is common for psycho-electronic mind control victims to report a very frequent or constant "ringing in the ears," which is also a symptom of the "Lowery" method of subliminal voice conversion.
Lowery's method is described in U.S. Patent #  5, 159,703 and such a converter can easily be built by someone with reasonable electronic capabilities. (Source:

Read more:

Or Google:
"V2K: What is Voice to Skull Technology?"
(The Event Chronicle, February 19, 2018)

Monday, March 18, 2019

Report Gang Stalking at SENATE.GOV

As the previous blog stated, f you are a victim of organized stalking, it's very important to let your elected representatives know.

Report Gang Stalking to your congressperson at
Your Congressperson needs to know that you are being gang-stalked.
The best way to contact your Congressperson is by going to their website, and click on "Contact"
Use your real name, address, phone number and email address.
In your message:
1) Be as brief as you can...A long, rambling email message will likely not be taken seriously by your
    Congressperson, and will be a complete waste of time.
2) Be Concise!...Stick to the facts.
    If you've already gone to the local police to report the stalking, and have a case number, include it in your email.
3) As was stated in the previous blog, "Report Gang Stalking at HOUSE.GOV" not mention DEWs or "Mind Control"....If you do, you will not be taken seriously by anyone in authority.

Sending an email to your Congressperson is very important, so take your time and write down carefully what you want to say, before you actually click on "Contact" at your Congressperson's website.
That way, your email will be clear, concise, and brief, and will maximize the chances of it actually being read by either your Congressperson or one of their senior aides.
It's important to include your phone number...whether it's a "land line" or a cell phone....because they may want to contact you by phone.

Also, Contact both of your Senators.
If you don't know who your Senators are, look in the White Pages of your local phone book, under
"Government".."United States Government" to get their names, and then do a Google search for both of them, so that you can visit their websites and, after clicking on "Contact," fill out the email forms there.

Another way to find out who your two senators are is to go to: is a list of all 100 U.S. Senators.

Remember, as when you contact your Congressperson, make the message to your Senators as clear, concise, and  brief as possible.
(A long, rambling, disjointed, "crazy-sounding" email. will likely be ignored)

Good luck!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Report Gang Stalking at HOUSE.GOV

The following is taken from


Find your elected Congressperson by entering your zip code at
and fax, mail, or email him or her a concise narrative of your experience of being a gang stalking target.
(Note: If you choose to mail your narrative, it will likely take several weeks to reach your congressperson, because all U.S. mail sent to Congress must be thoroughly screened)
Stick to the facts and do not make claims about DEWs or mind control.
There are already groups set up to make targets look mentally ill.
There is evidence on this site (https://gangstalkingismurder, that you can attach to substantiate your claim that you are one of countless thousands of targeted victims.
If you do not do this, then your silence will ensure that this (COINTELPRO) Program will not end in the foreseeable future.

About "Gang Stalking is Murder" website.

The author of this website, attorney Keith Labella, has written extensively about COINTELPRO and organized stalking.
For several years, he blogged on the subject of gang stalking under the pseudonym "PeaceFrog" at the now-defunct news website "Now Public."
His current website is "Gang Stalking is Murder."

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Mimicking as a tactic of Organized Stalking

One night, about 12 or 13 years ago, I was listening to Art Bell's radio program, "Coast to Coast AM".
Art had retired and had turned the show over to George Nouri.
That night, George had on as a guest, a man who apparently had written a book, and was describing a situation that a woman had confided in him.

She told him that she lived in an apartment building in a "rent control" apartment.
That is, the rent could not be raised because of a local law which guaranteed that, as long as she lived there, the rent would stay the same.

Some apartments in her building were under rent control, while others were not.

One day, her upstairs neighbor rang her bell and told her that he would like to rent her apartment, because his apartment, which was identical to hers, did not have rent control.
She politely informed him that she had no intention of moving.
He persisted in his attempts to get her to change her mind, but to no avail.

Then, the "weirdness" started.

She would go into her bathroom, and would hear the man upstairs walk into his bathroom.
She would turn on her bathroom faucet, and hear him turn on his bathroom faucet at the same time.
If she went into her kitchen, she could hear his footsteps going into his kitchen.
If she went back into the bathroom, he would go back into his bathroom.

It seemed that whatever she did, and wherever she went in her apartment, the man upstairs would do exactly the same thing.

This is a tactic used by the criminals who engage in organized stalking.
If you do something, they will do the same thing.
In essence, they will "mimic" whatever you do.

As a targeted individual myself, I have experienced the exact same OS tactic.

Years ago, looking out my front window, I noticed that a suspicious vehicle was driving up and down my street, and slowed down when it came by my house.
I figured that the suspicious vehicle was probably organized stalkers, and I wanted  to DO something about it.
I got my car keys out, and as the suspicious vehicle came by my house, I clicked on the "alarm" button on my car keys, which was merely a "honk, honk, honk, honk," noise which used my car's horn to "honk" continuously until I turned it off.


That was about 9 years ago, and since then, my stalkers have "mimicked" me many, many times by using THEIR car horns to honk continuously, usually at least 10 or 12 times before they turn it off.

To this day, these low-life criminals still use that "Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk" noise to harass me.
Oftentimes, they will do it at the supermarket.parking lot.
Oftentimes, they will do it near where I live.

I don't know if this is an OS technique they got from the East German Stasi or not.
I doubt it.
I think it's a technique that was incorporated into the long list of things to do to harass and intimidate a targeted individual.

The story the Coast to Coast AM guest told about the woman who was "mimicked" by her upstairs neighbor was the first time I had ever heard any one else describe what was happening to me.

Several months after hearing that program, I was sitting at a computer at the library, and, having heard the term "gang stalker" for the first time, I did a Google search.
What I came up with was Eleanor White's website,
As far as i knowm this website doesn't exist anymore.
But, for me, nearly 10 years ago, Eleanor' White's website was a Godsend.
I wasn't going crazy!
This stuff DID happen to other people!

Mimicking is just one very effective technique for perps to use against their targets.
They have many, many more techniques for harassment, intimidation, and even (psychological) torture.
Their goal is to make life a living hell for their victims, day in, and day out.
They are following very specific orders from their bosses.
They don't just do things "on their own."

There isn't much information available about Mimicking as an Organized Stalking technique.
There is much more information out there about other OS techniques, such as Street Theater, Workplace & Community Mobbing, "Gaslighting," noise campaigns, and other techniques these criminals do to harass, intimidate and torture their victims.
However, Mimicking is definitely a widely used Organized Stalking technique.

If you are a victim of organized stalking and are experiencing Mimicking as part of your daily harassment and torture, please feel free to post a reply....(It's free, and easy to do).

Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Green Light Is On!

February 21, 2019

Have you ever noticed that the stalking, harassment and psychological torture you go through as a targeted individual often varies from day to day?

Have you noticed that some days are relatively "light" in terms of gang stalking activity perpetrated against you?

We certainly have noticed this.

We have days where only one or two gang stalking aircraft fly low over our houses, and also days that are fairly "quiet" in terms of noise campaigns.
Often, both the aircraft activity level and the noise campaign activity levels are similar.
One day you might get lots of noise from gang stalking neighbors, or vehicles going up & down your street, as well as lots of flying gang stalkers harassing you from the skies.
Then, a few days later, you may get a "quiet day."
Very few flying gang stalkers, and very little noise or other harassment on the ground.

Why is this?

We really don't know why this just is.

Our perception is that certain days of the week might involve more or less gang stalking activity.

Sundays, for example, seem to be "heavy activity" days.
Why is this?
Is it because "they love to do their evil on the Lord's Day"?

Conversely, we've noticed that Mondays are often relatively "quiet."
Fewer gang stalking aircraft fly over our houses, and fewer low-level perps drive up and down the street etc.

Do you also experience days when "the green light seems to be on" as well as days when "the green light seems to be off'"?

Please let us know by posting a comment.....It's easy to do.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

When Pigs Fly

February 19, 2019

If you are a targeted individual, you probably will have already read about what gang stalking, (aka organized stalking) is.

You probably already know that gang stalking is real.
You probably already know that gang stalking is evil.
You probably already know that gang stalking is very likely a covert government program which has many similarities to the FBI's COINTELPRO counter-intelligence program of the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's

J. Edgar Hoover originally began the COINTELPRO program to target Communists in the early 1950's/
He later included government whistle-blowers, anti-war dissidents, and anyone else whom he deemed "un-American." to be targets as well.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an early target of COINTELPRO.
Because Dr. King was against the Vietnam War, that's why.
Dr. King led marches on Washington to protest the Vietnam War, and hundreds of thousands of people, young and old, black and white, joined in these marches.

Hoover didn't like dissenters.
Hoover didn't like anti-war protesters.
Hoover didn't like government whistle-blowers.
Hoover didn't like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King was stalked, harassed and slandered by Hoover and his goons.
His marriage was nearly ruined because of Hoover's illegal "surveillance," stalking and harassment.

After Dr. King was murdered in 1968, Hoover went after other anti-war activists, because he considered them to be "traitors" and "unpatriotic," for not supporting the Vietnam War.

Like the East German "Stasi," Hoover's COINTELPRO program engaged in some truly evil harassment techniques.
Read some of the posts on this blog about COINTELPRO.

Although the FBI CLAIMS that the COINTELPRO program was ended in 1971, the evidence shows clearly that it never really ended, it merely changed names, many times.

The "new, improved, high-tech" COINTELPRO is still going strong.
Targeted individuals are still being stalked, harassed, and even tortured to this day.

The torture techniques used against TI's include "psychological torture"
One of the methods of psychological torture is the use of low-flying aircraft to harass targeted individuals.
These expensive, well-equipped "spy planes" do more than surveillance.
They are there to harass and terrorize targets.
They fly over targets' homes at low altitude, not to "see what the targets are doing" but to "punish" them.
The goal of these high-flying criminals is to harass and terrorize their victims, not to do surveillance.

Read some of the posts on this blog from 2 or 3 years ago about these "torture aircraft."

Sometimes they use helicopters to fly VERY low over their targets' homes.
They seem to come out of nowhere.
One minute it's quiet outside, the next minute, WHOOOSH, loud helicopter noise so close to the ground that it actually causes the targets' homes to vibrate.

So, what can be done about low-flying aircraft and helicopters?
The answer is, not much.
You can all the FAA, and ask them what just flew over your house; but you won't get any answers.
Even if you are outside at the time, and you see aircraft circling your house, and you use binoculars to see if there are any markings on them,  chances are that there will not be any markings on these gang stalking aircraft.
Or, if they do have markings, and you use binoculars to see the markings, and you call the FAA and give them the markings on the aircraft, chances are you'll be told, "Those are "Law Enforcement"aircraft, Mr. Jones."

Still, there are a few things you can do about such harassment from the skies.
A) Use a cam corder to videotape these  gang stalking aircraft
B) Get a neighbor, friend or relative to witness these flying gang stalkers, so that it's not just something that you alone saw.
C) KEEP A LOG!...This is very important!...Keep a log that includes the time these gang stalking criminals fly over your house, as well as which direction they were going, and, if possible, using binoculars, a description of these illegal aircraft, including any markings they may have on them.


Keeping a log of gang stalking aircraft is an essential form of evidence.
Note if they seem to fly over your house at certain times each day.
Note if they seem to follow you when you drive to the store, or the post office, or the library etc.
Note if they seem to follow you home after you've gone shopping, or to work or school.
Keep a detailed log of ALL suspicious low-flying aircraft.

Remember, they are not doing surveillance on you.
They are HARASSING you!
They are using specially-built, low-flying, surveillance-type aircraft, not for surveillance, but for TORTURE!

Psychological torture is still torture.
Sleep deprivation is also a form of torture, and sometimes these evil flying gang stalkers will fly over your house to keep you from getting sleep, and to wake you up if you try to sleep late in the morning.

Their goal is to fill you with terror and fear!
Their goal is to harass you as much as possible!
Their goal is the same as the low-level perps who drive up and down your street in loud cars.
Their goal is the same as the low-level perps who follow you everywhere you go, whether by car or on foot.
Their goal is to make you go insane!
Their goal is to make you lose your job.
Their goal is to make your neighbors think you are a pedophile.
Their goal is to make your life a living hell, 24/7
Their goal is to make you want to commit suicide!

Don't let them get away with it.
Fight them as best you can.
Never, ever, directly confront them, because these are dangerous people, and they can and will harm you if they choose to.
You have a legal right to defend yourself, if necessary, but never directly confront them.

As far as the perps in the low-flying aircraft, just log them in every time they fly low over your house, and, if possible, use a pair of binoculars to get any markings on the planes that engage in this form of stalking.

It's just like writing down license plate numbers of vehicles that stalk you, or drive up & down your street,
They don't WANT you to know who they are.
They don't WANT you to write down their license plate numbers.
They don't WANT you to videotape them doing their evil.

Whether it's low-flying aircraft, or low-flying helicopters, or loud cars, they HATE it when you get them on videotape.
So do it anyway!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Gang Stalking Is A Federal Crime

Title 18 U.S. Code Section 241 reads as follows:

If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;
If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured -
They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;
and if death results in the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

Furthermore, if somebody is harassed or deprived of their legal and constitutional rights to the point where they commit suicide, or become ill and expire as some other consequence of the conspiracy to deny them their rights, then a capital crime has been committed.

For example:
If a conspiracy to harass a citizen restricted his ability to earn money to keep himself properly fed and housed and he were to die as a result of living such a life, the conspirators have committed a capital crime, just as they would have done had they conspired to prevent him from receiving proper medical treatment for an illness.
Or, if they conspired to restrict his freedom of movement and he was unable to flee a natural disaster, they would have committed a capital crime that could be investigated by Federal Agents and tried in a Federal Court.

The possibility of life imprisonment or capital punishment also applies if the citizen is kidnapped, sexually assaulted, or there is an intent to sexually assault, or an attempt to kill.

These are extreme examples to demonstrate the circumstances in which organized stalking is a capital crime under U.S. Federal Law.
But not so extreme that there are no stalking groups currently risking such a charge.
In fact, the threat and fact of sexual assault is fairly common.

In the less extreme case, whereby a citizen is not harried to his death, but merely prevented from living the normal life of an American citizen, it is still a felony, punishable by a longer prison term than many burglarizes, assaults, and contraband offences.
And nearly ALL stalking activity involving two or more persons acting together, commits this felony.

Even if a lone stalker enlists the help of another for a single part of his stalking campaign against a citizen, a conspiracy to deny that citizen his rights has probably taken place.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sleep Deprivation Is Torture -- Part Two

The following is taken from a December 15, 2014 article in "Psychology Today" written by Kelly Bulkeley Ph.D


A 2014 report released by the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence focused on the CIA's detention and interrogation program following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
According to the report, among the "enhanced interrogation techniques" used in this program was sleep deprivation.

"Sleep deprivation kept detainees awake for up to 180 hours, usually standing or in stress positions, at times  with their hands shackled above their heads.
At least five detainees experienced disturbing hallucinations during prolonged sleep deprivation and, in at least two of those cases, the CIA nonetheless continued the sleep deprivation."

Since the release of the report, Americans have debated whether or not the methods used by the CIA can properly be called "torture."
I don't know about the other methods, but I do know that the methods of sleep deprivation reportedly used are clearly acts of torture.
In fact, prolonged sleep deprivation is an especially insidious form of torture because it attacks the deep biological functions at the core of a person's mental and physical health.
It is less overtly violent than cutting off someone's finger, but it can be far more damaging and painful if pushed to extremes.

Why is this?
Start with the fact that sleep is a basic biological necessity for all humans, indeed for all creatures on the planet.
There is some natural variability and flexibility in the sleep cycle, hence people can go 24 hours without sleep in the right circumstances, without any lasting harm other than additional "rebound" sleep the next time they are allowed to sleep normally.
However, if a person is deprived of sleep for longer than that, severe mental and physical problems begin to develop.

The first signs of sleep deprivation are unpleasant feelings of fatigue, irritability, and difficulties concentrating.
Then come problems with reading and speaking clearly, poor judgement, lower body temperature, and a considerable increase in appetite.
If the deprivation continues, the worsening effects include disorientation, visual misperceptions, apathy, severe lethargy, and social withdrawal.

Forcibly depriving a person of sleep is a profound assault on the entire biological system at the foundation of that person's mind and body.

Read entire article:

Or Google:
"Why Sleep Deprivation Is Torture" (Psychology Today)

Friday, February 8, 2019

Sleep Deprivation Is Torture -- Part One

As the vast majority of gang stalking victims already know, the criminals who stalk and harass them every day use psychological torture techniques, including sleep deprivation.

Loud vehicles driving up and down the street,  loud music coming from parked vehicles or nearby houses or  apartments, honking horns,  loud construction equipment, lawn mowers, shouting voices....all contribute to the "noise campaign" used against the targeted individual.

One of the most powerful psychological torture techniques used by gang stalkers is sleep deprivation.

The use of sleep deprivation as a torture technique is nothing new.

Deliberate sleep deprivation has been used for centuries, as both a form of torture and a means for interrogation.


After the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq, the Bush Administration began using psychological torture techniques against the prisoners who were captured and sent to the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as well as other, "secret", sites around the world.

The Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) published a 2005 special report titled "Break Them Down:  Systematic Use of  Psychological Torture by U.S. Forces" 
(From the report)
"As evidence of US national security interrogation practices emerged, it became clear that psychologically abusive methods of interrogation were at the core of U.S. intelligence gathering.
'Break Them Down'  published by PHR in May 2005 was the first comprehensive review of the use of psychological torture by U.S. forces, examining the devastating health consequences of psychological coercion and explaining how a regime of psychological torture was put into place by the U.S. 'War on Terror'."

But is sleep deprivation really torture?

In July, 2017,  Macleans magazine (Canada) published an article titled:
"Yes, Sleep Deprivation Is Really Torture"

(From the article) 
"Canada is a party to the UN Convention Against Torture, where 'torture' is defined as 'any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental,  is intentionally inflicted upon a person' for certain acts, including interrogation.
This is cited as a source of the international law which binds military operations in the 'Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Law of Armed Conflict Manual,'  which also states that ' no physical or mental torture, or any other form of coercion, shall be inflicted' on POWs or detainees.'

 Further, the CAF 'doctrine on interrogation'  states unequivocally:
'Interrogation tactics which involve physical force - beating, stress position, deprivation of food, and subjection to cold or hot temperatures are prohibited.
Methods which are more subtle but have a harmful psychological effect are equally prohibited.
Sensory deprivation, SLEEP DEPRIVATION, isolation, humiliation, music and light control,  use of phobia,  and environmental manipulation are also prohibited.'

There is good reason for this prohibition.
Medical science has demonstrated over and over that there is serious physical and mental harm caused by sleep deprivation.
As a report on the effects of psychological torture notes, short and long-term effects can include,
' memory impairment, reduced capacity to concentrate, somatic complaints such as headache and back pain, hyper-arousal, avoidance, irritability, severe depression with vegetative symptoms, nightmares, feelings of shame and humiliation, and post-traumatic stress disorder...incoherent speech, disorientation, hallucination,  irritability, anger, delusions and sometimes paranoia'."

To Be Continued

Thursday, February 7, 2019

"The Governors of Gang Stalking" by Richard Lighthouse

"The Governors of Gang Stalking" is a free e-book by Richard Lighthouse

About the author:

Richard Lighthouse holds an Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and has previously worked for NASA.
He is currently an executive in the energy industry.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."
J. Edgar Hoover

"The CIA and FBI are behind most, if not all terrorism."
Ted Gunderson (Former Special Agent in Charge of Los Angeles FBI Office)

The following is taken from:
"The Governors of Gang Stalking"
By Richard Lighthouse


"David J. Glawe and Brian J. Murphy are the leaders of the Intelligence and Analysis (I & A) office at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
This division is directly responsible for the funding and staffing of federal DHS and FBI personnel at Fusion Centers located in every state.
The website makes it clear that they also are involved with funding, staffing and strategy for the Emergency Call Centers that are located in every large city in the United States.

During 2018, at least three former police officers (whistleblowers) have come forward and stated that the Fusion Centers are the control stations for gang stalking.
The DHS Intelligence and Analysis Office openly state on their website that they provide funding, direction and some of the key personnel to the Fusion Centers.
The I & A Office also provides funding and some key personnel to the Emergency Call Centers (911) around the country.
By providing funding to these organizations, I & A has policy and directional control of these organizations.
This is important information for the Targeted Individual community, because it allows us to make a connection to the executives at the DHS that are funding and directing the gang stalking of thousands of Targeted Individuals in the United States.

The author has previously estimated that there are about 170,000 Targeted Individuals in the United States and more than one million worldwide."

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Zersetzung and Organized Stalking

From Wikipedia:

Zersetzung (German for "decomposition") is a psychological warfare technique used by the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) to repress political opponents in East Germany during the 1970s and 1980s.
Zersetzung served to combat alleged and actual dissidents through covert means, using secret methods of abusive control and psychological manipulation to prevent anti-government activities.

The Stasi used operational psychology and it's extensive network of informal informants to launch personalized psychological attacks against targets to damage their mental health and lower chances of a "hostile action" against the state.

The use of Zersetzung is well documented due to Stasi files published after East Germany's "Wende," with several thousand or up to 10,000 individuals estimated to have become victims, and 5,000 of whom sustained irreversible damage.

From a January 28, 2013 Daily Kos article titled:
"The Guardian in America - Icon of the Left, or too close to British Intelligence"
By Rodrick Russell

"Zersstzen, also called Cointelpro - Lies, Intimidation, Threats"

It all started for us when I chose to leave "Grosvenor International" - a company with joint head offices then in San Francisco and Vancouver, Canada - that was both owned and managed by power elites that are, for example, very close to Prince Charles.
To my surprise, I found myself unable to gain further employment in Canada where I was based.
I had been blacklisted.

Over ten years later, perhaps to get me to shut up, a campaign of harassment began:
vehicles driven at me, computers wrecked, threatening phone calls, surveillance, phone taps, mail intercepts, shots fired, overt stalking, etc.- much of it witnessed by third parties.

Eventually, I fled to the try and put this behind me, only to find that it all got worse.
I went through all the normal channels and complained to the police and politicians without effect.
The more I complained, the more it was covered up, and the more we got threatened.

In former East Germany, the Secret Police, the Stasi, called this type of activity "Zersetzen."
It is also called COINTELPRO.

Read entire Daily Kos article:
"The Guardian in America - Icon of the Left, or too close to British Intelligence"

Friday, February 1, 2019

Gang Stalking -- Home Security Tips

The following is taken from

Under the heading:


Although it's impossible to make your residence completely secure against all potential threats,  you can make it far more risky for intruders by taking certain precautions.

A full discussion of home security concepts and hardware is beyond the scope of this website,  I will mention a few principles here - and try to add more information in the future - but I encourage you to invest some time reading more about this subject and exploiting established security practices and technology.

Here is an example of some good basic advice on this topic.

Begin by implementing standard basic security measures,

Secure all your windows from the inside with bolt locks, and test them from the outside to ensure integrity.

If you have multiple entrance doors, secure all but one of them from the inside with bolt locks before departing, so as to restrict access to a single door.

Install a simple self-contained alarm system on the entrance door.
Arguably, a simple system will be more difficult for stalkers to defeat than a more expensive, sophisticated, remotely-monitored system.

Advances in digital audio and visual recording devices are making surveillance cameras better and more affordable all the time.
Install several small cameras to monitor the entrance from different angles.

Think creatively about how you might arrange for some unpleasant surprises to occur for anyone who visits your residence uninvited while you are not home.

Various laws could apply, depending upon the country and region where you reside,  but if you determine that it's legally appropriate to implement certain arrangements that are physically dangerous for intruders, that would certainly create some interesting options.

Those options could be very cheap and low-tech also -- perfect for asymmetrical warfare.
If you can develop a fool-proof system for not endangering yourself and other innocent people, you might want to consider, for example, the potential of  strategically duct-taping razor blades to various places in and around your residence.

Creatively-placed fish hooks, needles, and broken glass can also make your residence less friendly to criminal intruders.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Gang Stalking - Tactics For Fighting Back - Part Nine

The following is taken from

(Continued from Part Eight)

Merely creating one more blog or Facebook page to get lost in the ocean of such information is not going to solve the problem.
If you want to create an anti-stalking website, blog, or Facebook page, by all means go ahead, (in fact, I encourage it), but you should seriously consider also trying to help the community of gang stalking victims coalesce around a few locations -- instead of existing only as isolated points spread across the web in a sea of disinformation.

Toward that end I humbly suggest that you try to promote this website - - as a comprehensive source to which people can go.
This suggestion might seem self-serving, but you can see for yourself that I'm not making any money from this website: there's nothing for sale here.

I will continue attempting to publicize the best suggestions, websites, articles, video links etc. about gang stalking as they come to my attention by listing them in this website.

Instead of having each victim of gang stalking re-invent the wheel and create a website which attempts to explain gang stalking from scratch, consider creating a more limited website, Facebook page, or blog, which describes your experiences with gang stalking, but also prominently features a link to this website.

As mentioned above, another thing that would be helpful is to go online and post comments in other websites, forums, Facebook pages, Twitter messages etc., referring people to this site.

As much as possible, you should do that both at gang stalking websites and in the comments sections beneath articles in major news websites, so they will be seen by non-victims of gang stalking as well.
That's critical.

One very easy way to post such information is to simply copy information from this website - if it relates to an article or forum discussion.

The best way to connect with other victims is online - although you must beware of perps who pose as targeted individuals.
In general, be suspicious of anyone reluctant to publicly criticize the apparent participation in gang stalking by law enforcement officials.

The very best thing would be for victims to create a legitimate victims' support group to lobby for the exposure and elimination of gang stalking by petitions and public demonstrations.

If any particularly ambitious gang stalking victim wishes to spearhead an effort to form such a group, please email me about it so I can promote it here.
Even though it would inevitably be infiltrated by some perps, it could still be very effective.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Gang Stalking - Tactics For Fighting Back - Part Eight

The following is taken from


Join forces with other gang stalking victims by concentrating on just a few online platforms to share information and expose gang stalking.

Not only are gang stalking victims often in various stages of financial ruin because of their enemies,  and short of contacts because of their isolation,  they also don't have one clear source to which they can go for information and support.

African-Americans have the NAACP,  American Muslims have CAIR (Counsel on American-Islamic Relations),  if members of those communities are looking for advocacy, they know where to go.

Targets of gang stalking in contrast are isolated individuals with numerous, scattered, marginally-useful websites to go to for information, and those are mixed in among search results with numerous disinformation websites created by government minions.

To have any hope of ever gaining the attention of Congress,  targeted individuals must at least begin coalescing around just a few major information sources.
This website is intended to be one of those.

For every legitimate ant-gang-stalking website, there seems to be at least a dozen which are mostly or completely filled with garbage.
Every gang stalking victim who has searched for information online knows this is true.

As you visit websites which appear in searches about gang stalking,  you first see something which appears to be a possible source of useful information,  but on closer look is just a lot of vague B.S. mixed with UFO abduction story links or whatever.

I have listed some of the few exceptions in the "Recommended Websites" page of this blog.
There are other legitimate sources as well, but not many.

Consequently, anyone who is not a targeted individual searching online - for example, a journalist - will mostly encounter what appears to be evidence that gang stalking is the product of the imaginations of paranoid and mentally-challenged individuals.

(To be continued)

Monday, January 28, 2019

Gang Stalking - Tactics For Fighting Back - Part Seven

The following is taken from


"If you're going through hell, keep going."

Winston Churchill

Persistence will lead to victory.
Already the digital public square is filled with information and rhetoric which the U.S. government would prefer to censor but cannot,  posted by Americans fed-up with the corruption, secrecy, and abuses of power in the upper echelons of government and corporations.

Even the federal government's massive self-serving security apparatus and it's abettors in mainstream media institutions cannot effectively monitor and control the flow of information anymore.
Dissent is harder to marginalize and censor in a digital landscape filled with whistle-blowers, citizen-journalists, bloggers, and alternative media websites.

Independent thinkers, entrepreneurs, entities such as WikiLeaks, and movements such as "Anonymous" have created an information network in which citizens no longer have to wait for The New York Times to expose the next Pentagon Papers conspiracy -- or the Washington Post to expose the next Watergate scandal.

Even The New York Times admits this:
"News no longer needs the permission of traditional gatekeepers to break through.
Scoops can now come from all corners of the media map and find an audience just by virtue of what they reveal."
David Carr, New York Times, June 16, 2013

One of the objectives of gang stalking is to isolate and break-down the targeted individual by creating the impression that the whole society is against him or her.
Don't make the mistake of believing that impression.
Although the number of people who participate in gang stalking must be large, they are still a small minority compared with the general population.
The vast majority of Americans do not wish to have our society become a creepy police state filled with citizen spies, as happened in the communist nation of East Germany.

Gang stalking victims need to challenge the (most dangerous) rodents in the food chain, and support political reformers - libertarians, progressives, and others -- who defend the individual rights and freedoms of Americans against the predatory inclinations of powerful government and corporate institutions.