Sunday, January 26, 2020

Organized Stalking -- Announcing New, Troll-Free, Facebook Group For Gang Stalking Victims

January 26, 2020

Since most of the on-line so-called "Victims of Gang Stalking" groups are infested with dis-info agents, trolls, and perps, we decided to start a new Facebook group called "Targeted Individuals Anonymous"

You don't have to be a victim of this type of stalking to join this new Facebook group.
Anyone can join it.
It's intended to be a place where REAL TI's can post whatever they want, as well as a place for those non-TI's who just want to know more about organized stalking.

Personal attacks, name-calling, bullying, threats, or harassment of any kind WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

This Facebook group will be a "Troll-Free Zone" where victims of organized stalking and others will be able to post their opinions, stories, advice and etc. without having to worry about being "attacked" by perps posing as OS/GS victims.

Here's how to join the group.

1) Go to Facebook, type in the search bar at the top:
"Organized Stalking Victims United"

2) Click on "Join"

3) Answer the 3 questions, then wait to be approved by the group moderators.

(Perps, trolls, and dis-info agents will not be allowed to join this group)