Saturday, September 9, 2017


Organized Stalking Victims United
September 9, 2017

For those of you who are victims of organized stalking, aka "Gang Stalking" have likely experienced one or all of the following:
- vehicle honking at you while driving by your house
- vehicle honking at you while you are out walking
- vehicle honking at you as you get out of  your car
- vehicle honking at you as you get into your car
- vehicle honking at you as you go outside your home
- vehicle honking at you as you wait for a traffic light to change

These low-life pedophiles, drug addicts, ex-felons on parole, and others who engage in this type of stalking  like to use their car horns (and truck horns) to "intimidate" you - to "harass" you - and even to "terrify" you.
Remember, their main goal is to cause cause make you fearful.
Their main goal is to follow the orders given to them by their "handlers" as to how to make your life a living hell every single day.
They use proven psychological terror operations (psy ops) against their victims, just like the Stasi did in East Germany after WW2....Just like the FBI did in J. Edgar Hoover's COINTELPRO psy ops torture program back in the 1950s & 1960s.
COINTELPRO did NOT end in 1971 - it continues to this day.
 (Read previous posts on this website about COINTELPRO)

Remember, organized stalkers have "sensitized" their targets to everyday sounds, such as car & truck horns.
Because of this systematic "sensitization" of everyday noise, sounds like car horns can be used against targets easily, without fear of "being caught" doing something "illegal."

After all, a victim of organized stalking can't call the police and say: "Someone just passed by my house and honked his horn at me."

While to those who are not OS victims, a car horn is no big deal, it can be a big deal to those who are OS victims.


They honk at you because they CAN!

They honk at you because they know that they can get away with it.

They honk at you because, after years of being honked at daily, the OS victim KNOWS that the car honking at them is usually, (but not always), a gang stalker.

Of course, not all honking horns are directed at victims of this type of stalking.
Oftentimes car horns are merely a part of a vehicle's security honk to lock the car, and two honks to unlock etc.

But the trouble is, those who are victims of organized stalking are more "sensitized" to honking horns than ordinary people.
Ordinary people hear car horns honk every day and usually pay no attention to them, especially if they are not driving a vehicle.
However, gang stalking victims, who often are "honked at" every single day, react in a much different way than ordinary people do...because they have been "sensitized" to the honking of horns.

The honking of car horns is just one tool that the gang stalker uses to make life hell for his or her "target."


The answer is: "Not Much."

However, as has been discussed on this website previously, the one thing that you CAN do about being a victim of gang stalking, is to "Collect Evidence!"
If you have a cell phone handy, get the horn honking on your cell phone, preferably with a visual "sighting" of the vehicle as it emits the honking.
If you have vehicles driving by your house honking at you, use a video recorder to provide evidence that this is happening.
If this "honking harassment" happens enough times, (whether from the same vehicle or from different vehicles), you will have "evidence" to show to members of your family, or friends, or even the police.

COLLECT EVIDENCE...Even if it's just a car going by your house honking it's horn.

COLLECT EVIDENCE..Even if it's just a car honking at you when you go outside your house or apartment building. (Use your cell phone)

COLLECT EVIDENCE..Even if it's just a car honking at you when you exit a store.

Remember, without evidence, it's just your word against theirs.

If you are experiencing the "car horn honking" torture every day, please leave a comment below,
(you can remain anonymous if you want to)