Friday, October 30, 2015

WANTED: Hollywood Producers, Directors or Actors with the Courage To Make a Movie about Organized Stalking

Webster's New World Dictionary defines "courage" as:
"the quality of mind or character that makes a person able to face danger, pain, or trouble without fear; bravery."

The criminals who engage in organized stalking, aka "gang stalking" are ruthless in their methods and tactics, and they don't want anyone "rocking the boat" as it were.

They LIKE the fact that, for the most part, the American people know little or nothing about this insidious type of stalking.

A well-produced, fact-based  Hollywood movie about this type of stalking is something that these evil-doers would certainly not like, because it would "shine the light" of publicity on them.

Publicity is something they certainly don't want or need.

They are like cockroaches....turn the light on, and they all scatter.

So it would take someone with real courage to make a film about organized stalking, (or gang stalking, or "multi-stalking" or whatever one wishes to call it), because these low-life scumbags would do whatever is necessary to quash such a movie project before it even got off the ground.

Of course, the low-level perps who actually do the stalking, harassing & torture (using proven psy- ops techniques) are just following orders.

These street thugs don't choose their "targets"

Their targets are chosen by higher-ups who "call the shots."

They don't choose the methods of harassment & torture either.

They are TOLD what to do, and who to do it to.

Told by whom?

Who gives these low-life criminals their orders?

Who pays these evil-doers?

Who are the "powers that be" who "call the shots"?

Whoever they are, one thing is certain...they like things the way they are now

They like the fact that the vast majority of Americans know little or nothing about this horrific type of cockroaches, they prefer a dark room, without any light

Despite the fact that the United States Department of Justice has estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of "multi-stalker" victims every year, Organized Stalking, aka Gang Stalking, is something that the American people know little or nothing about.
( 2009 DOJ Special Report: "Stalking Victimization in the United States" Pub.# NCJ--224527)

American mainstream media never reports on this type of stalking.

Local, state and federal law enforcement usually doesn't even regard this type of stalking as a "real crime"

When a single stalker victim goes to the police they are listened to, reports are typed up, Restraining Orders are issued etc.

When a multiple stalker victim goes to the police they are usually treated as if they had a mental illness or were being "paranoid" because even THINKING that a group of total strangers would be stalking and harassing them is regarded by most police departments as being something that only a crazy person would allege.

When a single stalker victim contacts the Justice Department-funded National Victim's of Crime, (NVC) they are given referrals to support groups, referrals to other governmental and private agencies, and more.

When a multi-stalking victim contacts NVC, they are told that "NVC does not provide any direct assistance to victims of multi-stalker incidents."

OVC gets thousands of calls every month from "victims of multi-stalker incidents"
(Google: "Who's Getting Thousands of Gang Stalking Calls Every Month?")

In other words, the taxpayer-funded National Victims of Crime does not provide any assistance to the "nut-cases" who claim that they are being followed and harassed by a GROUP of stalkers as opposed to being stalked by only one person.

Most people think of "gang stalking" is something that "gangs' do.

Occasionally,  neighborhood "street gangs" may harass & stalk certain people,
 perhaps because the person once called the police on them, or because the person might testify against one of the gang members, or the person may have done something or said something to a gang member that was perceived as "disrespectful".

But, for the most part, "gang stalking" has little to do with street gangs.

The methods used by the criminals who engage in this type of stalking usually follow a certain pattern...a pattern that is pretty much the same regardless of where the victim or "target" lives.

So, a "targeted individual" (TI) living in Florida will have to endure the same type of harassment and stalking as a TI living in California.

It's probably not a coincidence that many of the methods used by gang stalkers today are the same methods used against communists, dissenters, and anti-war activists back in the 1950s & 1960s in J. Edgar Hoover's FBI counter-intelligence program called COINTELPRO.

These COINTELPRO-type activities might include any or all of the following:
Vandalism, break-ins, thefts, arson, frame-ups, set-ups, false accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, overt or covert threats, vehicles driving up and down the victim's street, suspicious persons sitting in vehicles watching the victim's home, annoyance phone calls, noise campaigns (honking of car horns etc.) and a variety of other tactics used to create fear and to cause distress to the victim.

Gang stalking, organized stalking, group stalking, vengeance stalking, multi-stalking or whatever one wishes to call it,  is AMERICA'S MOST IGNORED CRIME!

One way to make more people aware of this little-known (but very real ) crime is by a major Hollywood producer, director or actor making a movie about this type of stalking.....something that  has never been done.

If a well-known Hollywood producer, director, or actor decided to make a full-length Hollywood movie about gang stalking, then many more people would at least become aware of this crime.

The more realistic the movie is, the better it would be.

A movie about this type of stalking based on the facts would help the estimated 350,000 victims of this type of stalking,
Actually, 350,000 is a conservative figure, and it's possible that the actual number of victims of this type of stalking is much higher.
(Google: "Gang Stalking: New DOJ -FOIA Documents Prove DOJ Knows the Truth")

I can think of nothing that would help victims of this type of stalking more than if a Hollywood movie were made, realistically and not in a "sensationalized" way.

If a realistic, well-produced, well-directed movie were made about organized stalking,  the magazines, newspapers radio and  TV stations of this country would HAVE to begin covering this type of stalking.

Also, police departments around the country would be more willing  to treat multi-stalking victims the same way they now treat single-stalker victims.

All it would take is ONE famous actor, producer or director to get such a project off the ground.

It only takes ONE famous Hollywood person to get this done.

A well-produced, well-directed film about this type of stalking could bring in millions of dollars as well, so any actor, producer or director who might be encouraged to make such a movie would be well compensated for it.

I would encourage anyone who is a victim of this type of stalking to write out a list of their own favorite actors, directors and producers, and write then a letter, or send them an e-mail, and BEG them to at least CONSIDER making such a movie.

Use the lists I've provided below, if you want to.

E-mail addresses of famous people are usually impossible to get.
However, most Hollywood actors, producers and directors have their own websites, so you may be able to leave an e-mail message at their website.

In addition, many actors, producers and directors have written books, so you might be able to get a letter to them via the book's publisher.
Go to their website and check to see if they've written a book..If they have, find out the name of the book's publisher, and a Google search of that publisher can get you the publisher's address.

You could send letters to them using the book publisher's address.

For example:
John Doe
c/o Acme Publishers
1234 Main St.
New York, N.Y. (don't forget the zip code)

Use proper English, spell your words correctly, and be succinct.
Don't ramble on and on.
Don't try to tell them your life story.
The briefer the letter or e-mail, the more likelihood that it will actually be read by someone.

(Sample e-mail or letter)

"Dear ____, I am a huge fan of yours.
I especially loved your performance in _____
Please consider doing a movie about gang stalking; America's most ignored crime.
A well-produced movie about this type of stalking would greatly help GS victims because of the publicity it would generate.
Thanks very much,

Of course, the above is just a sample letter; you should word your letter the way you want to, but don't make it too long, 
As I said before, the briefer the better, and this goes for any e-mail messages you may leave at a celebrity's website as well.

Here are some well-known Hollywood actors who, if they chose to do so, could get such a project started...(Note: many of these actors also produce and/or direct films)

Robert DiNiro (Could he be lured out of retirement to produce, direct or act in such a film?)
Robert Redford (Hollywood producer-director, as well as actor)
Gene Hackman
Billy Bob Thornton
Sean Penn
Al Pacino
Meryl Streep
Reeese Witherspoon
Renee Zellweger
Matt Damon
Leonardo DiCapprio
Denzel Washington
Brad Pitt
George Clooney
Jodie Foster
Billy Crystal
Sean Connery
Sandra Bullock
Will Smith
Lisa Kudrow
Bill Murray
Brian Doyle Murray
Alec Baldwin
Henry Winkler
Michael Keaton
Steve Martin
Debra Winger
Russell Crowe
John Goodman
Linda Florintino
Liam Neesan
Lolita Davidovich
John Lithgow
Dan Aykroyd
Josh Brolin
Meg Ryan
Val Kilner
Jamie Foxx
Nicolas Cage
Ben Kingsley
Jim Carrey
John Travolta
Danny Devito
Curt Russell
Martin Sheen
Charlie Sheen'
Emilio Estevez
Kevin Costner
Angelina Jolie
Ving Rhames
Frances McDormand
Joe Pantanliano
Scarlett Johanson
Samuel L. Jackson
Charlize Theron
Kevin Bacon
Ed Harris
William H. Macy
James Franco
Lily Tomlin
Steve Buscemi
Greg Kinnear
Goldie Hawn
Kate Hudson
Jeff Goldblum
Keanu Reeves
Rob Schneider
Gary Sinise
Seth Rogan
Gary Cole
Rosie Perez
Danny McBride
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Kristin Johnston
Ben Stiller
Billy Crudup
Frank Whaley
Ed Begley Jr.
Christian Bale
Lance Hendrikson
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal
Matt Dillon
Melinda Dillon
Kevin Dillon
Bill Paxton
Jane Curtin
Kathleen Quinlan
Rick Moranis
Dennis Quaid
Harry Shearer
Michael Madsen
Andrea Roth
Vera Farmiga
French Stewart
Connie Nielsen
Peter Fonda
Lucas Haas
Jane Fonda
John Cleese
Kevin Kline
Ben Afleck
Robert Duvall
Annette Bening
Christian Slater
Courtney B. Vance 
Bruce Dern
Adam Beach
Daniel Craig
Liev Schreiber
Denis Leary
Taylor Negron
Peter Coyote
Gary Burghoff
Leslie Mann
Mike Farrell
Michael Pena
Jamie Farr 
Loretta Switt
Alan Alda
Amber Heard
Julia Louis Dreyfus
Madison Davenport
Kate Vernon
Steve Carell
Dolph Lundgren
Liana Liberato
Kathryn Erbe
Dana Barron
Emma Watson
Jennifer Aniston
Denis Leary
Janeane Garofalo
(And the list goes on)
Write or e-mail your favorite actors, and ask them to please make a movie about gang stalking,
"America's Most ignored Crime"

Here are some producers and directors who might want to make a movie about gang stalking.

Michael Moore (Documentary about gang stalking?)\
The Coen Brothers
John Waters
Steven Spielberg
Martin Scorsese
Oliver Stone
Clint Eastwood
Wes Anderson
Quentin Tarantino
Robert Altman
Bernie Brillstein
Ron Howard
Rob Reiner
Francis Ford Coppola
Ridley Scott
Judd Apatow
John Woo
David O. Russell
Terrence Malick
Mary Tyler Moore
Jon Favreau
Chris Carter
Oprah Winfrey
Paul Thomas Anderson
Jake Kasdan
Brian Grazer
Kathryn Bigelow
Bennett Miller
Christopher Nolan
Richard Linklater
David Fincher
Alfonso Cuaron
Edward Zwick
Brad Grey
Mark Joffe
Sophis Coppola
(And the list goes on)
Write or e-mail your favorite producers and directors and ask them to make a movie about
gang stalking..."America's Most Ignored Crime" (Not a bad title for such a film)

The criminals who engage in organized stalking like the fact that few Americans know that this type of stalking is really taking place..all over America.

They like the fact that they can stalk, harass and use "Psy Ops" torture techniques on us 
(e.g. sleep deprivation)  with complete impunity, because they know that the police will do nothing to stop them

They do not want any "light" shone on organized stalking, or gang stalking, or whatever you wish to call it..
(They are like cockroaches... they scatter when the "light is turned on them.")

 A well-produced Hollywood movie about this type of stalking would not make the "perps" happy at all, because they don't want the American people to know the extent of this type of stalking.

The criminals who engage in this type of stalking like things the way they are now.

But we can change all that by getting just one well-known Hollywood actor, producer or director with the courage to make a film about organized stalking.

If that happened,  the American people would know what we go through every single day, 24/7,  365 days a year, at the hands of the evil, low-life criminal thugs.

If enough of us write letters to Hollywood celebrities asking them to just CONSIDER making a movie about this type of stalking, it may just happen.

If we do nothing, four things will happen:

1) The American people will continue to be unaware of the horror we go through every day.

2) The police will continue to ignore us and will continue to treat us like crazy people when we go to them asking for help.

3) The mainstream media will continue to ignore organized stalking

4) The criminals who engage in this type of stalking will continue to act with impunity, knowing that the police will do nothing to stop them.

As Goethe said: "Be bold...and mighty forces will come to your aid."

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Organized Stalking is a Federal Crime

US Code: Title 18 
Section: 241.
Conspiracy Against Rights

" If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise of or the enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of him having so exercised the same;
 or if two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise of enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured --
They shall be fined under this Title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death."

(Google:"America's Forgotten Anti-Gangstalking Law: USC: 18 Section 241")

Monday, October 19, 2015

Recommended Websites, Articles & Books


There are many websites on the topic of organized stalking OS), gang stalking (GS),  multi-stalking, group stalking, or whatever you want to call it.

Many OS websites are bogus and filled with dis-information.

Some OS websites are run by the gang stalkers themselves.

Most of the so-called Organized Stalking or Gang Stalking "Victims; Websites" are also bogus.

If you are truly a Targeted Individual (TI), proceed with caution when surfing the web looking for legitimate "Gang Stalking Victims" websites, because legitimate GS victims' websites are few and far between.

Never give your real name when "registering" at any GS or OS website.

Use an e-mail account separate from your personal e-mail account when registering at any OS or GS website.

Here are some "legitimate" websites on the topic of Organized Stalking, aka, Gang Stalking:

The following websites have some good information on Organized Stalking, aka Gang Stalking.

More good websites are listed on the "Fight Gang Stalking" website
(Click on "Recommended Websites")

I also recommend the website


There are many good articles on the topic of Organized Stalking, below are just a few:

" Let's Kill All The Good Guys" by Deborah Dupree (

"Gang Stalking: New DOJ FOIA Documents Prove DOJ Knows The Truth" by Peacefrog
(Now no longer exists, but this excellent article can be easily found through a Google search of the article's title.

"Stalking Victimization in the United States" (Pub # NCJ 224527)

"Freedom Of Information Request No. 10-00169 to DOJ Office of Justice Programs
via a letter received at DOJ's Office of Justice Programs, March 22, 2010 
By attorney Keith Labella
(This document can be obtained via a Google search)

"Who's Getting Thousands Of Gang Stalking Reports A Month?" by Keith Labella
(Google Article Title)

"Organized Stalking Story Suggesting City Government Complicity" by Eleanor White
(This document can be obtained via a Google search) has other articles on Organized Stalking

"America's Most Ignored Crime"


There are very few books written on Organized Stalking, but I can highly recommend one book:
"My Life Changed Forever" by Elizabeth Sullivan ( has it)

There is another book on the subject, but read it with skepticism:
"Terrorist Stalking in America" by David Lawson
Also "Cause Stalking in America" by David Lawson (May be out of print)

"1996" by Gloria Naylor (Fiction)

"Chameleo" by Robert Guffey
(George Knapp interviewed Robert Guffey on Coast to Coast AM Radio Show on Sept. 20, 2015)

"Bridging The Gap" by GmB Bailey (Read with skepticism)

"Closing The Gap" by GmB Bailey (Read with skepticism)

"The Hidden Evil" by Mark M. Rich (Read with skepticism)

"A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America" by John Hall (Read with skepticism)

"Project Soul Catcher" by Robert Duncan (Read with skepticism)