Monday, March 23, 2020

Private Investigator's Report On Gang Stalking

March 24, 2020

John B. Lopes is a private investigator licensed in Virginia and Maryland.
In April, 2008, he wrote a article on his experiences working with gang stalking victims.

The following is taken from

Gang Stalking
by John B. Lopes

Three years ago a male caller phoned my private detective agency and asked to speak with me.
The caller said he was the victim of "gang stalking" and described how it was being done.
I was reluctant to believe such a thing and asked him where I could find additional information on gang stalking.

Initially, I thought the called was delusional.
It was the same thought I had had about previous callers who described being harassed by -- for lack of a better description -- several people in their neighborhood.
For example, a woman from Baltimore had earlier told me  she was finding items in her home mysteriously moved around while she was out.
Her outgoing mail would reappear in her mailbox, several days after she sent it.
Another male caller said he was certain he was being stalked and that he was not crazy.
These, and other calls, began to make me doubt that these callers were imagining these events.

When interviewing prospective clients, one of my first steps is to try to sort out the "crazies" from the sane, which is difficult at best, especially over the throne in only a few minutes.
With these calls, I would start out by asking the caller if he or she was taking any legal or recreational drugs/medication and whether he/she had ever been treated for dementia, hysteria, hallucinations, etc.
I would also ask if there might be a person, persons or group that the caller may have injured or offended in some way -- someone who would be motivated to do this.
Was the caller a whistle blower?
Our staff would also ask if the caller had a former friend or lover who might be having trouble letting go.

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