Saturday, July 25, 2015

Organized Stalking Terms Defined

TI --   Targeted Individual......Victims of Organized Stalking are often referred to as "targeted individuals"

PERP --  Perpetrators .....Those criminals who engage in Organized Stalking.

GAS LIGHTING ---   The term "Gas Lighting" originates from the 1944 film "Gaslight"...In the movie,
a husband (Charles Boyer) attempts to drive his wife (Ingrid Bergman) insane.
"Gas Lighting" simply is trying to convince a targeted individual that they are "crazy"
or "imagining things" or being "paranoid."

STREET THEATER ---  "Street Theater" is a term used to describe what organized stalkers often do to their victims while they are "out in the world" doing ordinary things, such as
shopping, taking a walk, sitting on a park bench, waiting for a bus, and etc.
One of the favorite techniques of the Perps is to follow their victim into a store orsupermarket and then arrange to be just in front of their victim as they wait in line
at the checkout counter...Often a second Perp will be behind the victim, and will
try to "crowd" the victim, or "push the victim forward" a little, causing the victim to
feel very uncomfortable....The Perp in front will often do something to cause the
line to stop or to delay the line from moving by requesting that the clerk do a
"price-check" or tell the clerk that he or she "forgot something" or some other littl
thing that will cause the line to stop, thus delaying the victim for a time, since the
victim is stuck in line directly behind the Perp.

WORKPLACE MOBBING ---  Workplace Mobbing is a term used to describe how a victim's
co-workers will sometimes "gang up" on the victim by saying things about
the victim that are not true or spreading falsehoods about the victim
throughout the workplace, with the intent being to put the victim on the
defensive or to cause trouble for the victim, especially trouble that might
cause the victim to lose their job.

COMMUNITY MOBBING ---  Similar to "Workplace Mobbing"  Community Mobbing occurs when
neighbors or others deliberately lie about the victim to other neighbors,
such as suggesting that the victim is a "drug dealer" or a "pedophile"
or some other type of "slander campaign" against the victim, which causes
the victim to feel isolated and/or friendless on his or her street, or in his or
her neighborhood or apartment building etc.

NOISE CAMPAIGN ---   Noise Campaigns are an organized effort to produce stress in an individual.
Car horns, the playing of very loud music by neighbors or by cars going by
the victim's home, or loud shouting at the victim from cars going by, or by
small children screaming loudly while walking by the victim's house.with their parents.
Often Noise Campaigns will begin at the same time each day, so that the victim
will endure additional stress anticipating the loud noises that will start, before
 they actually do start.

SLAMMING ---   "Slamming" is a term I use to describe those days when the organized stalking is
"ratcheted -up" a notch or two...In other words, when there is a detectable "increase"
in the harassment of a TI, with MORE vehicles driving back & forth in front of the
victim's home, or MORE noise than usual, or MORE surveillance planes flying over
the victim's home,,,,,,Helicopters are sometimes used to "fly over" a victim's home to
put even more stress on the victim, and to "frighten" the victim during a "Slamming."
As the Associated Press has recently reported, FBI surveillance aircraft have been
sighted flying at low altitude over American cities and rural areas,,,These aircraft have
been traced to "dummy companies" set up by the FBI to hide the fact that they are in
fact owned and operated by the FBI itself.
(I have posted blogs recently on this site about the FBI's widespread use of such
"secret" and illegal surveillance planes)

There are more terms used to describe the different techniques that the criminals who engage in organized stalking use against their "targets"...and they can be found by a simple Google search.


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