Thursday, June 9, 2016

How To Fight Back Against Gang Stalkers -- Part One


The most important thing any victim of organized stalking, (aka gang stalking), can do is to gather evidence against their stalkers.

Earlier posts on this website stress the importance of gathering evidence.

If you are a victim of this type of stalking; and you wish to get help from your local police, you will need EVIDENCE to back up your claims, or else the police will not take you seriously.

A "one-on-one" stalking victim merely needs to go to the police and tell them that they think someone is stalking them, and the police will usually help them.

A "single-stalker" victim is much more believable to the police than someone who claims that a "group of people" are stalking them, especially "a group of strangers".

A single-stalker victim often knows the person who is stalking ex-boyfriend, and ex-husband, a former co-worker etc.

A single-stalker victim can often get a Restraining Order issued by a judge that prohibits the ex-boyfriend, or ex-husband from coming within 1,000 or 2,000 feet of them.
If the "ex" does come within the designated area, he or she can be arrested for violating a court order.

However, when multiple stalkers are involved, especially if they're all total strangers to the victim,
a Restraining Order is not something a judge could or would be able to issue, since the stalkers names are unknown.

In order to get a Restraining Order, one needs a "name" to put on such a court order.

So, for those of us who have multiple stalkers, Restraining Orders are not an option.

If you have multiple stalkers, you will need to show the police some "proof" that you are, indeed, being stalked by a group of strangers.

Previous posts on this website go into detail about how one goes about getting such "proof" and what types of "proof" are best; including video footage of the stalkers while they are "in the act" of actually stalking you.

The best type of video evidence is video taken from security cameras mounted on one's home, whether it be from the front or back or side of the home.

This type of evidence  is "real" evidence, not just "your word against theirs."

Most of us can't afford to have video surveillance cameras mounted on our homes; but there are other ways to "prove" to the police that we are, indeed, being stalked and harassed by groups of strangers.

"Cam-corders" are the next best thing to having video surveillance cameras mounted on your home....They can cost as little as $250, and they can be used to "document" the fact that you are, indeed, being stalked and/or harassed by a group of total strangers.

The cheapest way to "document" the fact that you are being stalked by multiple stalkers is by using your cell phone to take photos or video of your stalkers, WHILE THEY ARE STALKING YOU.

Also, using cam-corders or  cell phonse to take photos of your stalkers is something that THEY DON'T LIKE.

THEY want to take cell phone photos & video of YOU, because that's how they prove to their superiors that they are actually stalking & harassing you, so that they will get paid.
To prove to their superiors that they are, indeed, stalking you, or driving up and down your street to harass you or honking their horns at you, or whatever else they are told to do to you, they must show "proof" , such as video taken of your house using their cell phones as they drive up and down your block, or they won't get paid.....It's as simple as that.
They can't just "tell" their superiors "Well, I just drove by her house five times"..because that's not "proof" that they actually DID drive up and down the street five times.

But, "what's good for the goose is also good for the gander."

That's why videotaping your stalkers is essential if you want to be able to convince the police that you are actually being stalked & harassed by a group of strangers, and that you're not just being "paranoid."

So, whether you have surveillance cameras mounted on your home, or are using your cam-corder,  or you are using your cell phone....the important thing is  to get video footage showing.the stalking & harassment, while it is taking place.

Remember, these criminals are very crafty, and getting actual "proof" that can be used against them will not be easy.

More to come on the subject of 

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