Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why Me?

November 12, 2016

At one time or other, all victims of organized stalking will ask themselves the same question:
"Why me?

"Why are these low-life thugs following me, harassing me, making life hell for me every single day?"

"What did I ever do to deserve this evil, horrific stalking and harassment every single day, 365 days a year?"

The following information is taken from an article published in "Modern Diplomacy" on 8/22/2016 titled
"The Surreptitious Reincarnation of COINTELPRO with the COPS Gang-Stalking Program"

Targets can be chosen for many reasons:

1) -  Political Views
2) -  Whistle-Blowing
3) -  Political Dissidence
4) -  Asserting Rights At Work
5) -  Making The Wrong Enemy
6) -  Too Outspoken
7) -  Investigating Something That Someone Does Not Want Investigated
8) -  Signing A Petition
9) -  Writing A Letter
10) - Being Seen As "Suspicious" By A Civilian Spy/Snitch
11) - Being A Religious, Ethnic Or Racial Minority

Remember, the goal of the high-level intelligence community criminals who orchestrate this type of stalking is to isolate the "target" from all forms of support, so that the target can be set up in the future for arrest, institutionalization, or forced suicide.

Other goals of this type of harassment are to destroy the target's reputation and credibility, and to make the target look "crazy" or "unstable."

The process often involves sensitizing the target to everyday stimuli's as a form of  control, which is used to control targets when they "get out of line."

Targets of this type of stalking and harassment become vulnerable and destitute, often become homeless, jobless,  have a breakdown, are driven to suicide, similar to targets of the illegal FBI counter-intelligence program called COINTELPRO.

While COINTELPRO officially terminated in April, 1971, critics allege that continuing FBI actions indicate that post-COINTELPRO reforms did not succeed in ending COINTELPRO tactics.


"COINTELPRO, that shocked the nation after the Church Committee investigation, never ended,"
according to former FBI agent M. Wesley Swearingen.
"The new COINTELPRO operates globally under a different code name, more sophisticated, with access to modern weapons,"

Former FBI agent Bob Levin agrees with Swearingen.
Levin, " a validated FBI whistle-blower and blacklisted journalist," has been "subjected to ongoing, illegal COINTELPRO activities."

"COINTELPRO Never Really Ended. It Just Changed Identities"

So, in conclusion,  the answer to the question: "Why Me?' is difficult to answer.

However, we do know that the methods used by the criminals who engage in this type of stalking are so similar to the techniques used by the FBI in the COINTELPRO program, that there MUST be a connection between organized stalking and  COINTELPRO!

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