Monday, April 3, 2017

Gang Stalking is a "Program"

April 3, 2017




A few years ago, I was coming out of a "big box" type store, and noticed a guy outside talking on a cell phone.
He took a quick look at me, then went back to talking on his cell phone.

Now, to those who have never been a victim of organized stalking, aka "Gang" stalking, seeing someone talking on a cell phone is no big deal.

People talk on cell phones all the their cars, walking down the street, sitting outside on a park bench etc.

However, those of us who have been targets of COINTELPRO-type "organized" stalking are well-aware of the fact that gang stalkers communicate with each other via cell phone.

They probably get their orders from their superiors via cell phone....Where to go...What to do...Who to stalk

Even when stalking their targets from inside parked vehicles, they always seem to be talking on cell phones.

So when I came out of  the store that day, the sight of someone standing there talking on a cell phone, and occasionally glancing at me, was something I'd seen before....MANY times!

But this time I did something I rarely do...I put my groceries in my car, and then began to walk over to where the guy was standing...As soon as he saw that I was walking towards him, he turned his back on me, but didn't walk away.

I was determined NOT to start a fight or anything...I just wanted to talk to him.

I went up to him and said something like "Hey, how's it going?...You know, I have a friend who wants to become a gang stalker and I was wondering how much it pays?"

The answer I got from him surprised me.

Without even putting his cell phone down, he said to me, "It;s a program!" .and then went back to talking on his cell phone.

"It's a program"


The first time I ever got a straight answer from a gang stalker....."It's a program!"

He was right, of course, organized stalking  IS a program....a GOVERNMENT program.

COINTELPRO is the original name of "The Program"...but it's "code name" has been changed many times since J. Edgar Hoover's  original COINTELPRO counter-intelligence program back in the 1950s.

I remembered the guy who told me that "It's a program"...he was unusually tall, and thin, and was probably in his early 20s, and he almost seemed to be "polite" to me.

I've had other encounters with gang stalkers, but they were anything but polite to me.

"Are you stalking me?"..I've asked some of them..and they ALL have reacted the exact same way.
At first they politely say something like "Excuse me?"
And then I'd repeat my question..."Are you stalking me?"
Usually this brought out the anger....WHAT?.....They'd answer...the "politeness" gone from their voice.

One time, two gang stalkers were doing surveillance on me from a white pick-up truck......
(OVERT surveillance, of course, since "overt" surveillance is what gang stalkers do)
The truck was parked in such a way that they could see my every move...and they both were not hiding the fact that they were looking straight at ME.
I went up to the passenger side of the truck, and the window was rolled down, and I asked the guy...a well-dressed white male about 45 or 50 years old, with a small dog sitting on his lap, "Are you stalking me?"
He didn't react with anger at all...He reacted just like other gang stalkers had reacted when I'd asked if they were stalking me...He said "What?"....So I repeated my question..."Are you stalking me?"
This time, he erupted with anger, as others had done before, and said words to the effect of "How'd you like me to beat the crap out of you?"...again, similar to what other gang stalkers had said on previous occasions...
"I was only asking a question," I replied calmly...."Why I could.arrest you if I..."..and then he stopped in
mid-sentence as if he thought that saying "Why I could arrest you if I chose to" would not be appropriate.

I immediately walked away from the truck...but I made sure that I got the truck's license number as I walked and even shouted it out several times so I wouldn't forget it.......

I still have that asshole's license number memorized....despite the fact that this encounter occurred several years ago.

As a rule, I do NOT "confront" gang's potentially very dangerous to do so, but this time I just had to.....(A person can only take so much)

Anyway, back to the tall, thin "polite" gang stalker outside the big box store.

His telling me that "It's a program" was something that I'll never forget.

That happened years ago, but only a few months ago I saw him one more time.

This time, I was looking out my garage window and saw a very suspicious male walking by my house, glancing over at my garage window as he walked by...a very small window at the top of the garage door.
Someone walking by would find it extremely difficult to even see me looking out that window...unless they somehow KNEW that I was at the window........
Anyway, I lost my temper at that point and said in a loud voice; "What the fuck are YOU looking st?"
Just then, I noticed a second male, who had actually run up to the first male and said something to him, as they both kept on walking...........It was the same guy who years before had told me "It's a program!"

I recognized the guy....It was him....I guess he was "training" the other guy how to be a gang stalker, and the other guy had made a mistake by looking right at my garage window as he walked by, and the tall, thin guy, who had been walking about 100 ft behind him, after hearing my "What the fuck are you looking st?"..had run up to the guy and probably told him not to look at my house as he went by.

"It's a program!"

That pretty well sums up organized stalking, gang stalking, group stalking, or whatever one wishes to call it.

Having surveillance cameras mounted on your home is a good idea.

If you can't afford surveillance cameras, buy a cam corder (video camera)

If you can't afford a video camera, use your cell phone to take video of gang stalkers when they do their surveillance on you.

As has been said before here, the best single thing a victim of gang stalking can do is to DOCUMENT the stalking....GET EVIDENCE....

Remember, the thing that makes Organized Stalking different from "one-on-one" stalking is that "one-on-one stalkers (single stalkers) do NOT want you to see them' but gang stalkers DO want you to see them....It's part of the "terror"...It's part of the harassment....It's part of the torture!

OVERT surveillance is what gang stalkers do.

COVERT surveillance is what single stalkers do.

Gang Stalking is a program......An evil, malevolent, program....A program that uses psychological and physical torture for the purpose of "terrifying" the victim....and the overt surveillance is merely part of the

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