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Gang Stalking Is Pervasive - How To Survive

May 21, 2017

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Gang Stalking

COINTELPRO & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." -- J. Edgar Hoover on COINTELPRO

Gang Stalking Is Pervasive....How To Survive

For several days in a row, when doing errands in your car, you consistently come in contact with drivers who tailgate you, cut you off in traffic, or maybe pull in front of you unexpectedly.
Or you go out to get your mail and you see someone sitting on a bicycle watching you from a distance.
Or maybe you notice a sudden increase in strange cars driving slowly past your home.
Or you get the feeling you're being followed but don't see anyone there.
Or you find garbage strewn on your lawn or piles of dirt where dirt shouldn't be.
Or you return to your home and notice that pictures and knick-knacks aren't where they were when you left.

Is this all just coincidence, or is there something more to it?

You might even wonder if you just have an over-active imagination, or if maybe you've slipped a few cogs upstairs.

Over a period of time, gang stalking has produced some commonalities among those targeted or victimized:
- 1) The target is likely seen as a threat to a cause
- 2) The target most likely doesn't know the perpetrators of the gang stalking
- 3) Those involved in the gang stalking do not know the target
- 4) The stalking is subtle but targeted and can be seen as inconsequential or "everyday" such as:
     - drive-by honking of horns
     - drive-by yelling of obscenities
     - hand gestures generally considered to be hostile in nature
     - vehicles stopping (briefly) in front of the target's home
     - trash strewn on the target's lawn, driveway and property in such a manner as to make it obvious that it
       was a deliberate act
     - shining lights in the windows of the target's home
     - an increase in noise in the area of the target's home
     - tailgating the target and then dropping back repeatedly
     - day-in and day-out hang-up calls and wrong numbers
     - vandalism to the home or property of the target
- 5) The gang stalking takes place over a (long) period of time or a number of years
- 6) The faces of (the criminals) involved in gang stalking change frequently

The Intent of gang stalking is to:
- Render the target or victim psychotically demoralized, even to the point of committing suicide
- Make the target appear, to the larger community, to be mentally unstable for the purpose of:
  - discrediting the target
  - ensuring that no one will believe the target when they claim they are being targeted.
  - alienate and marginalize the target from the larger community, even family, making it easier to
     psychologically demoralize and discredit the target.

Gang stalking relies heavily on:
- The target becoming so psychologically demoralized that he/she believes that there must be something
   wrong with him/her and is, therefore, afraid to say anything for fear others will think they're crazy.
- The target will have no evidence beyond his/her word that the gang stalking is happening.
- The target will have no detailed records or documentation showing what, where, when & to what extent.
- The target will not be able to find out who the perpetrators or those involved in the stalking are.

Anyone who believes that they are being gang stalked should:
- Keep detailed records and documentation of times, dates, locations, and other details, writing this down as
  soon as possible so that details are not lost over time.
- Take photos of any evidence left by the perpetrators, making sure to include a point of reference in the
  photo for identification purposes...For instance, if trash is strewn on the lawn, take close-up (photos), but
  then also take (photos) showing the house, garage, or even a (parked) car as a point of reference
  (to prove) that the garbage was actually where you claim it was.
- Keep detailed records of any interactions with law enforcement, even when law enforcement are friendly
  and appear to be empathetic....Keep track of who the responding officer is, what (police) department he
  works for, what he tells you and what he does....If he removes evidence from the scene, note how he
  handles it, what he does with it....Know the procedures for preserving evidence and observe if the officer
  follows those procedures....Write it all down so details aren't lost over time...Ask for a case number or
 "incident" number.

If you believe you are being gang stalked, don't be afraid to speak up.
There was a time when people being (gang) stalked were not listened to, were considered to be "off in the
head" (crazy).
Now, (gang) stalking someone is a crime.(US Title 18: Section 241...See Editor's note below)
The more (victims) who speak up, the better chance there is that gang stalking will not continue "under the

By Lynn Stuter

Editor's Note:
Re: "Gang Stalking someone is a crime"
See previous post on this website dated March 25, 2017"
"Organized Stalking is a Federal Crime"

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