Monday, November 16, 2015

Targeted Individuals - TELL YOUR STORY!

We who are victims of organized stalking, group stalking, gang stalking, multi-stalking or whatever you wish to call it, need to TELL OUR STORIES to newspapers, magazines, talk shows, news websites, Hollywood actors, producers, & directors, and, most importantly, to JOURNALISTS and INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS, because they have the power to tell the world about the horror we go through every day, 24/7..365 days a year.

Here is a list of some of the  most influential journalists of today, as reported by the New York Film Academy

Write to them (Most of them have written books & you can write to them via the book's publisher)

Send them e-mails..make them as brief as possible, provide references to any articles you think are important, include links to any articles, books or websites you think are important.

"The 12 Most Influential Journalists Of Today"

New York Film Academy
April 16, 2015

 Robert Fisk

British journalist who was one of the very few people to ever interview Osama Bin Laden, and who was the Middle east correspondent for The Independent (UK) for 20 years.

 Christiane Amanpour

Currently the Global Affairs Editor for ABC News as well as the Chief International Correspondent for CNN International (Organized stalking is taking place all over the world)

Bob Woodward

Investigative reporter who, along with Carl Bernstein, won the Pulitzer Prize fro Public Service Reporting for the Washington Post in 1972 by exposing the Watergate scandal.
Woodward also contributed towards the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting on the 9/11 Attacks.
(If we could get him to begin an investigation of organized stalking, the world would finally know about "America's Most Ignored Crime")

Anderson Cooper

Former anchor on CNN, Cooper currently host of  his own show "Anderson Cooper 360", he has won numerous awards for journalism, including The Peabody Award and four Emmy Awards.

Diane Sawyer

Host of numerous ABC new shows, she has won two Emmy Awards, the Peabody Award, and the
Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.
(Most organized stalking victims are women, so she might be willing to investigate OS)

Glenn Greenwald

He won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service in 2014 along with numerous other international awards for excellence in journalism.
He is a co- founders of The Intercept, a privately-financed investigative journalism venture.
If we could get The Intercept to launch it's own investigation of organized stalking, the whole world would finally become aware of this type of stalking.
Other co-founders of The Intercept are journalists Jeremy Scahill and Laura Poitras.

Jon Stewart

Although technically not a "journalist" perse, Stewart is considered one of media's most influential personalities amongst the younger demographic, through his coverage on pressing social and political issues.
With Stewart at the helm for 20 seasons,  "The Daily Show" won two Peabody Awards.
Besides being a political satirist, he is also a director, producer, actor, comedian, and media critic
If we could get Jon Stewart to "look into" America's Most Ignored Crime, that would be outstanding.
If he chose to, Jon Stewart could produce and/or direct and/or act in a movie about organized stalking; something that the low-life scumbags who engage in this type of stalking would not like at all.
Jon Stewart left "The Daily Show", but you can do a Google search on him and find a way to contact him, perhaps through his book publisher.

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  1. This is my third attempt to post my facts and experiences of socalled gangstalking.I have facts and I have done multiple investigations,soul searching and relived my past to uncover the gods giving truth about who and what gangstalking is.The truth is that illegal surveillance,police stings, illegal investigations and people being on the government watch list and don't forget being on the blacklist these are the truths and I believe that the truth is out there for every target to find.The honest truth is if you truly are tormented and criminally mentally harassed deep down you can and will uncover a time when something huge or small happened and occurred with some sort of government official , or maybe with a family member of the boys in blue.To get on the government watch list there is 72 ways you could be put on the list.One way is voicing your opinion on Facebook about law enforcement,the government,politics .Talk about corruption subjects on any area of government.Religion .being in a meeting of the minds group that talks about different topics to better our world.Another issue is the bill of rights, constitution and civil rights.If you are a strong believer of your God givin rights you could be on the list.big brother is always watching so watch your back because we as Americans are always being watched.Privacy is a subject that never happens anymore.Survivors please do yourselves a favor and investigate and relive your pasts and I guarantee to you truth is there.