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Why The New Boss Is Just Like The Old Boss -- Part One

By Jeff Schechtman
November 13, 2015

Yesterday, November 19, 2015, I posted a review of Professor Michael Glennon's book, "National Security and Double Government".

Today, I will expound on what Professor Glennon wrote in "National Security and Double Government."

In earlier posts on this Blog, I tried to provide victims of organized stalking (aka gang stalking) with some basic information about the "who, what, why where and how' of organized stalking, including the Church Committee Report on US Intelligence Agencies and the FBI's COINTELPRO  counter-intelligence program of the 1950s & 1960s, which was declared to be illegal by Congress during the 1970s, but which continues to this day.

I named some names of intelligence agency officials who became whistle-blowers after finding themselves being "targeted" by the same intelligence agencies they used to work for.

For anyone who truly wants to know more about organized stalking, I would suggest that they read the previous posts on this website.

Reading what former intelligence agency officials such as M. Wesley Swearingen, Bob Levin and others have to say about how they became targeted individuals (TIs) is extremely important for anyone who might be interested in just what the hell organized stalking is all about, whether they are a victim of this type of stalking or not.

I won't repeat what was written in previous posts on this website;
 however, if one wants to see the "patterns' of this type of stalking, one needs to go back and see what I posted before, as it ties in directly with what I'm posting here today.

The following  excerpts are from Jeff Schechtman's interview with Professor Michael Glennon, presented here in four parts.

To read a transcript of the entire interview, go to:


Candid Academic Admits Democracy Thwarted By Unseen Security Elite

The "Double Government" was "born" during the post-war period of the late 1940s under President Truman.

It was Truman who, in a secret executive order, established the National Security Agency.

It was Truman who presided over the National Security State with the enactment of the National Security Act of 1947, which set up the National Security Council.

The National Security Act established the Central Intelligence Agency, and consolidated the powers of the military and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which was intended to cut down on intra service internecine warfare, but really had quite the opposite effect.

And this little national security apparatus -- little in 1947 -- became in the fullness of time a behemoth that now consists of 46 different intelligence agencies, that are located at 2,000 places around the country with 10,000 different private entity corporations that participate as private contractors, and oversees a budget that is probably around $1 trillion a year - the exact amount is classified.

Over 5 million people in the United States now have security clearances - about 3 million of them top-secret clearances - so that the manpower and budgets of these agencies are enormous.

The politics were very much reversed in the 1940s during the Truman administration than they are today.

Warnings were sounded not by liberal Democrats but by conservative Republicans.

The conservative Republican leaders in the Senate and House of Representatives warned that Truman's reforms would lead to what they said the establishment of an American Gestapo, of a general staff at the head of the armed forces comparable to that of the Wehrmacht that we had just defeated, of the Pentagon that was out of control with the objective of padding it's budget's and manpower.
They warned of the United States moving into what they called a garrison state, and it was liberal Democrats like Paul Douglas, the Senator from Illinois, and Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota, who sided with Truman and said:
"we've got to be on guard of the Soviet Union and recognize that Stalin could strike at any moment...Democracy threatened anywhere in the world is a threat to the United States and we've got to build up this huge national security apparatus."

It was the liberal Democrats who were behind that.


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